The Log

The Log

come to me
I trying to save you 
all in despair
 no hope in sight
you will not be spared.
the evil man do
catch up to you
now is hellfire brimstones!
But rest easy
I am here,
though great your mistakes
do not despair
I will preach
to give you a new day.

So he preached
he did beseech
each man to repent
at length.
But as he walked
one could not help
but see
The Brotha Man
was hinder that day
by the log in his eyes
but he could not see.

John Crow Batty Sorrows

John Crow Batty Sorrows

You see me JB
don't test me...
I am your authority.
I rule
you are my mule...
I am the authority.
you better not answer
stay silent
I will cut you to size.
You think you're bad
you are not my god
today you will learn
or burn!
the wife gone
children gone
but I ain't mad
I glad
I am the authority.

**Disclaimer: This poem is not autobiographical!

East Indian Delight!

East Indian Delight!

I am King!
Or Queen...
On this island
I'm a big thing.
I sit 
on top 
my throne
can never be taken.
brilliantly blinding
blazing in orange-yellow glows
I eclipse them all.
East to the West
I am the best
I captivate your tastebuds
sugary lava
I will erupt
pleasures untold,
hypnotising  -
I do not boast - 
only truth I speak.
Once you taste me
you will be weak
in your knees!

You Will Not be Forsaken

You Will Not be Forsaken

Don't badda worry
for the people wicked
soon need mercy
but dem a go dead!

Trust God,
do good,
no matter where you trod
God will give you what you deserve.

Don't worry about the one
who do evil to succeed
don't get angry
the wicked soon depart

God know and see all
let them plot
they soon get caught
and cut down small, small.

Don't worry bout famine
don't worry bout strife
God will protect you
He will save your life!

But you see that one there?
Fire and damnation!
Like dust he shall blown away.

Be generous,
not crafty like the wicked
and the evil committed,
but make God hold you up.

The righteous shall never be forsaken
despite opposition they will never be taken
because the good always speak righteous
from start to finish he is pious.

So fret not thyself,
evil shall fall in on itself
but the man who do good
shall never be shook.

The Hikikomori Way

The Hikikomori Way

Is there nothing more
to being alive?

Than to work
and work and work.
Until all our life force
is used up
and then we return to the dust.

Will we die from the shame?

We are not better my friends
than the birds in the sky
at least they fly
before the most die.

there must be more 
to our lives -
I must know this.

But to find out -
the welcoming shadowy doubts - 
I must resist.

My One Confession

My One Confession

In this dark hour
when my life
pride would devour,
I know
I can do nothing
no matter what I own
no matter my great feats
I cannot heal
without my Sustainer.
I am industrious
know all - 
But Father,
I can do nothing
be nothing,
except by your grace.



Accept you know
but do not know.

For when we don't know
good things will come.

When we look around the corner too soon
We may fall into a trap too deep.

There is no esculator up these mountains
only the wind to carry us.

Accept that you can't know
and good things will follow.