Mighty One

Mighty One
             For Karen Mighty-Byfield

Mighty one.
Powerful and strong.
To this land you belong
For in no one’s box do you stand.
So you must run
To find your wings
And fly to Destiny.

Beautiful one,
You were brave all along
And now you know
That fear taught you your song
No more can you be overrun
By regret so deep
And nightmarish sleep
That aimed at your dreams.
Because now you know
The secret of your hips 
As they swish and dip
To your promised destination.

Portrait of a Queen

Portrait of a Queen

There is power in her, 
black strong and true.
Framed in sunshine,
a masterpiece from paradise - 
Eden's golden child.
Protected by the sword
she roams in elegance.
A natural queen.
The Nubian queen.
There is peace concealed
in those loving eyes.
A smile that tells you - 
"It's okay to thrive".
She stretches hereself
reaches tall enough
to touch you where you are
so you too can shine like a star.
Now watch her shine
in a beauty that is so divine.

Learning To Celebrate Yourself.

When I was younger I was the center of attention and I loved it. I would show up and show all the way out. You want a dancer? I will be the best. You want someone to cuss? There will be no other. You want a singer? Mariah Carey who. And all of this before I was 10 years old. But the older I got the less I showed out until I stopped showing up.

So, slowly as I got older I learned to have a filter, until I had filtered out everything that would make me stand out. I started to doubt myself, when I did not get the response I expected. Then I started to think maybe if I was real quiet things would work out better for me. I no longer wanted attention because there are the wrong ones that will get you into so much trouble. Then maybe if you are too bright there will be more to pick a part.

But when then will you celebrate your life? Whether you achieved all you thought you could, would or should achieve, it is important to celebrate yourself. We must learn to celebrate who we are and where we are at that moment knowing that we will not remain there. There are many lists on offer out there on how you can celebrate yourself. However, there is no right formula, no specific recipe and no set timeline. But each day we get up, we need to celebrate ourselves, we need to regain the confidence we once had and be grateful for all we have been through and enjoy the journey we will be on that day. Take along those who will celebrate with you and let go of those who will not.

Life is beautiful only if you see the beauty and not only the pain, but both. Life is transformative, only if you are willing to grow. We may each have a reason not to but celebrating who you are ensures you never lose yourself.