When Dreams become Nightmares…

“I love bad dreams. They remind me of the goodness of life.”

― Marty Rubin

If only I could get there things would be so much better

Life sucks because I’m not doing what I want

God when will you listen to me! I’m knocking but you’re not opening the door; I’m asking but you’re not giving!

There must be more to life than this, come on!

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Sometimes we are dissatisfied with where we are and disappointed when we can’t get to where we want to be. But there are many who end up getting what they want and regret it. They chase a dream that seems to be the reality for someone else and instead, find themselves in the worst nightmare imaginable. Sometimes we may think about quitting our job and doing something that we love more, but here’s a thought : A nuh ebreeting soak up waata a sponge ( Don’t take things at face value when making a decision as not everything is as it appears ). We may thing rightfully so -within reason – that if someone did it already it can be done again. But we also need to recognize that not everything is meant for everyone and that you don’t get the same things in the same way, not like Tom, Dick and Harry.

Things change so quickly nowadays and the way things use to be is not how they are now. A lot of us walk around with blindfolds on, thinking that the things around us are the way we see them. But that next thing that is calling your name, may turn out to be a living nightmare. It may be that people change so suddenly and the promises made, seem to have been imagined only by you; and the places you use to go become danger zones now. The dream I had the other day started with three of us going to Kingston to fix a problem, for whatever reason we decided to stop and it was at that moment that the accident took place. And though it was a terrible event that we witnessed we were never physically injured. Still it became a nightmare of agonized suffering that could have been worse. Our driver was in the path of the vehicle that veered off the road and crashed. just before he could step in the path of it, I had reached out my hand to pull him back. He never saw it coming.

Many of us do not see the danger before, beside or behind us. And so when hit we are not prepared for the impact and especially not for the aftermath. A serious hit like that can take years or a lifetime of recovery. I realize that nothing in life is guaranteed, but whatever we do we must be honest about the realities of life. Be honest enough to recognize uncertainties and move with caution, because behind every dream is a nightmare waiting to happen. The likelihood of an impact will be based on turning to a greater source to help you take the necessary steps, to get to your destination.

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