Come What May…

“And since today’s all there is for now, that’s everything.
Who knows if I’ll be dead the day after tomorrow?
If I’m dead the day after tomorrow, the thunderstorm day after tomorrow
Will be another thunderstorm than if I hadn’t died.
Of course I know thunderstorms don’t fall because I see them,
But if I weren’t in the world,
The world would be different —
There would be me the less —
And the thunderstorm would fall on a different world and would be another thunderstorm.
No matter what happens, what’s falling is what’ll be falling when it falls.”


― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

Last night I dreamed that I witnessed a major accident and there was nothing I could do but make sure I did not see the carnage after. In the dream I controlled what I could – myself. Today is Friday, the end of the week and after a difficult one, all you’re left to do is throw up your hands and say, “come what may!” Really when all your plans have failed spectacularly, you realize that some things are out of your control and all you can do is just live your life hoping for the best. Because really what else can you do?

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Things do not always go the way you imagined them to go, but when you are unexpectedly faced with a totally different outcome, it’s better to wait before you go in a corner and bawl your eyes out. Crying is not going to cause things to go your way and sometimes no matter how you try there is nothing you can do to fix what gets broken – whatever will be will be. It may seem that you are giving up, but I’d like to think of it as having faith in a source greater than you. Knowing that we have limits to how much we can control in our world, will always keep us humble. When you learn this lesson, it’s better not to be bitter and try and fight it. It never turns out well for the student who does.

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So, when your plans fall through, make another one and see if that one works. When the people you depend on don’t turn up when you need them to, accept that they may be somewhere wishing you could through for them too. They just haven’t told you about it, because you have been a little louder with your distress. Be kind in how you think and treat people and things that do not work in the way you want them to work. We are all trying to feel our way around with limited resources and insight, at times. Instead, a positive attitude about the things you cannot change, will make you a whole lot happier and sane. It’s good to plan but be prepared to change course when the wind blows in another direction. If you believe in a higher power – whether God or destiny – gather all you’ve got and toss it up in the air, come what may.

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