Peeling Back The Layers…

“In the spring and summer I watched my plants flower, but it was, perhaps, in winter that I loved them best, when their skeletons were exposed. Then I felt they had more to say to me, were not simply dressing themselves for the crowds. Stripped of their leaves, their identities showed forth stark, essential.”

― Pamela Erens, The Understory

I was reminded the other day that we all have some serious issues. I was placed in a situation where I saw someone in a new light, which made me look at myself and consider if I was being completely honest about what I have think I know about myself. Sometimes you can change without realizing you have. When you are constantly around negative energy and negative people you somehow become more defensive and mean-spirited, even though that is not the person you want to be.

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Before you know it you are the mongoose in the hen house. You develop these little habits and thoughts that seem harmless and before you know it, they have totally transformed you into what you DID NOT intend to be.

No one wants to be seen in a negative light – even if it’s obvious that there is no other way to see you! We all would like to think that we are innocent of all charges and are fair-minded. But the reality is that we cause problems for other people and sometimes we mean to. We feel justified because they are bad and we are good, they are wrong and we are right. And because we want to be right we forget that life is much more complicated. We are much more complicated. And there are layers to who we are that make us problematic on different levels. Some of ;us know deep down that we are problematic but we refuse to acknowledge or peel back those problematic layers, to confront our idiosyncrasies that conflict with how we want people to see us.

It is a struggle to accept all of who you are, especially when you give a damn care what others think of you. It’s a process; but there is time for us to peel back those layers and acknowledge that after all, we are only human. It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey.

Image result for as we travel again between life and death, Waking and dream, blinking, while layers within layers, None better, none worse, unravel and knit up before us

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