Change The World

change the world by changing you. It has to start somewhere!

I sat and asked a very important question: how can I make an impact? I realise that I am no longer comfortable being among the crowd, going to work, going back home, waiting away the time. I’m ready for a change. So today I speak change into my life. That means I have to get off my increasingly big butt and do stuff!

Easier said than done…

Easier said than done; and it’s true. It’s easier to say you want a change than actually making changes, venturing into the unknown. Before you even make a move a thousand and one doubts assail me. Who am I kidding? What are you going to do that you couldn’t have done before? aaaah that pesky little devil’s voice can be really annoying. And crippling. The best course of action is to take action!

Now my idea of changing the world was to do something grand. Something so big that everyone can see that I am doing something! Who wants to hide their light under a bushel?

Alas change does not come that swiftly or easily. So I sit here still wondering how I am going be a part of a change that will not only benefit me but those within and outside my circle.

Photo by Burak K from Pexels

Then out of the blue a eureka moment; a light bulb goes off. Well change takes time doesn’t it? Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day was it? So I recognised that I got to start small. I have to start by doing the little things that count. Positive things, like smiling more, being a little more willing to help and being more positive in my words, actions and thoughts. Give someone a hug and a compliment instead of just doing so im my head.

Starting small pays

It also pays to appreciate the little things that you have and celebrate the small victories, even when no one is around to see them and celebrate with you. Identify those things about you that you do not like that you recognise that others do not like and make one change at a time. Make sure that you have a plan! I repeat, make sure you have a plan. This is crucial to the success of any venture. And if you know you are a chronic procrastinator like me, make sure to have a friend (really good friend that is), who will help you to be more accountable. But the most important thing that we all need to remember is that change is an uncomfortable process. Therefore we need to really get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So as we go about the business of change, my advice is for us to have fun embracing the change that is coming our way.

Let us have a toast for change

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