May Your May Be…

You’re Still Early… It’s Only May!

Well it is another month again. It’s the month of May! Though it is not my birth month, I believe that this month holds the promise for great things. So get ready for may blessings. There is so much to celebrate – most importantly life. While I neither have time or fingers to type all that will be celebrated this month, here are a few…

There are so many good things happening in May. May begins smile month in Britain! how many persons knew that? In May many celebrate Mother’s Day, and you need to make sure that you celebrate those women who have mothered you, not just the one who birthed you. Take the time to appreciate all that that this woman or women have done to make you into the person you are. It’s also child’s month in Jamaica and other countries and child’s day is celebrated around the world. It’s also the time when teachers are recognised for their hard work and overall genius in and out of the classroom.

And then there are days in the month that are internationally recognised:

  1. May 3: World Press Freedom Day
  2. May 5: African World Heritage Day
  3. May 16: International Day of Light
  4. May 16: International Day of Living Together in Peace
  5. May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Do you know of any other celebrations or observances? what else can we add to the list above? Let me know below.

It is apparent that there are many things to celebrate and recognise this month. Make sure that you take the time to recognise the achievement of others as you forge ahead in claiming all the wonderful things waiting for you. May your May be blessed!

Keep moving but be sure to stop along the way to celebrate the steps taken!

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