Mighty One

Mighty One
             For Karen Mighty-Byfield

Mighty one.
Powerful and strong.
To this land you belong
For in no one’s box do you stand.
So you must run
To find your wings
And fly to Destiny.

Beautiful one,
You were brave all along
And now you know
That fear taught you your song
No more can you be overrun
By regret so deep
And nightmarish sleep
That aimed at your dreams.
Because now you know
The secret of your hips 
As they swish and dip
To your promised destination.

You Are Not My Enemy

You Are Not My Enemy

I see you bleeding
just like me
In anguish you scream!
Just like me.
You too have dreams
like me too.
I see you
in me
and me in you.
You are not my enemy
and that is the key
to restoring your humanity
in me.
The Darkness
would have it not so
it gives strive, hate and pain
creates a wall
and locks us into unbroken
But I see you
and know this to be true
You are not my enemy.
Me and you, me and you?
Our love can be heavenly. 

A True Leader

A True Leader

There are many great minds
There are many great names
edged on many a graves.
Yet many were leaders
and many are coming on the quick.

Many strive to control
with a big beating stick
instead of a kind word
to defuse a situaion.

We must be right
in everyone's sight
and so we ignore
and close the door 
on the truth.

But is anyone really willing to listen
anyone willing to truly lead?
Anyone willing to provide the water
that will wash your students' feet