Full Truth

Full Truth

You must take root
in the truth
of you.
Your wisdom
in not in your tooth
every decay begins with falsehood
longer than the legacy
you dreamed in infancy.

Grow into you
out of your cocoon
out of the larvae of doom
a moth to a flame 

Beautiful brown butterfly
leave the ashes behind
and reclaim your time.




Nothing left to do
it's all on you
but will we stay true 
to the dream we both pursue?

there is no center
where we can both enter
on a common stage.
On either side we stand
with outstreched hands
becoming an island
that gets love from no one.

can it be?
can we build a bridge
so he she thm and none can be we?
Too late to be self-sufficent
life proves our incompetence
and laughs us into impotence.


Hostile Takeover.

Hostile Takeover

It was so easy...
Winner takes all
everyone loses here.
Death is a dusty bed partner
but the red hot coals of hate too sweet
to put out of reach.
She never saw it coming
words sicklier than honey 
dripped from venomous lips
like a cat-o-nine whip
deadly stiff with envy and hate.

It is too late
to get back those yesterdays
of feel good friendship and fairplay?

Now we stand on opposite sides
while blood and gore
runs through our tomorrows
as we heave regretful sighs. 



You can run,
I know you can.
You can fly,
I know you can.
Out of fear
you may run
but you need to fly.

Use those wings 
see the joy it brings
even in your fear
They will take there, 
where you need to go.

When you are down
and you feel it's not your time
take flight and fly
up to the sky.

Be Brave

Be brave
and admit you failed
at something you never wanted to do
in the first place.
Be brave
show your flaws
and not give a damn!
Be brave
and show them your banner
still being constructed
no bright colours
or ever.
Be brave
as you crash and burn
and learn to stay grounded
until another attempt.
Be brave
and admit you never really cared
you just wanted the praise.
Be brave
life ain't so wonderful
but you're still gonna live it.

Be Blessed!

Be Blessed!

Be blessed:
with friends that love you
all of you
so you can be true
to you.

Be blessed:
with a body
that functions
even with the aches and pain
there is still a peace inside
that takes that rain
and make you sane.

Be blessed:
that you can  be content
with just enough
even with the fluff
and all the no sense stuff.

Be blessed:
a favour bestowed
even when you feel low
because you already know
the best is yet to come.

Be blessed,
and so it goes
row after row
and feel those rupples overflow...

Still Life

Still Life

Arranged just so
frozen in the dust
of our yerteryears
forbidden to go
too far out
still life
a masterpiece
dying to breathe
the breath of life.
I take one step
to get ahead
but I am chained to my past
hooked like a drowning fish.
Will I walk on water
be pulled under?
Still life,
Too long?
In a whirlpool of doubt
I release my tears
to the four seasons of the year
the great flood has come to its end
and the ship can sail off
into the horizon of my future. 
Truly beautiful...
Completely unexpected...