The Value of a Seed

The Value of a Seed

Look in my hand,
what you see is a seed.
This seed I hold though must be freed 
to live in its potential.

This seed,
will become a tree
that will one day bear fruits
and those fruits too
will also have seeds - 
potential trees,
if only you can see
more than what is before you
if only you can see
not what is 
but what could be.

Now it is tiny and useless it seems
hard and of little significance even.
But if you plant
and water it,
this seed will exceed
even your vision of what it can be.

From A Quiet Place

From A Quiet Place

From a quiet place
discern and learn
process and unlearn
stop pleasing
start leading
never be led.
The enemy is in your head
you must vanquish it there
then without fear
leap from that quiet place
and brandish your Atlantis Spear.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true...

They do.
Dreams do come true
if you can get on the other side.
But how to?
How to get through
the highways and byways of Hopeless Way.
Do we sing it into existence?
Dance perhaps?
Should we check the fortune teller?
The blind one in the tent?
We need to find the Rainbow Bridge.
Get over it
and follow the candles that are lit
to get to it.

Which Road Will You Take

Which Road Will You Take

There are two roads ahead
and both you dread
because you asked for them
and your prayer was answered.
Now you must decide 
which is best
and which will bring your end.
Nothing gained without a loss
this is what they say.
But if one you choose
know that the other you will lose.
sweet sweat of blood
river red
remind you 
you are mortal.
Now on knees deathly shredded
you must seek relief
from this decision
that trapes you in delirium tremens...

Full Truth

Full Truth

You must take root
in the truth
of you.
Your wisdom
in not in your tooth
every decay begins with falsehood
longer than the legacy
you dreamed in infancy.

Grow into you
out of your cocoon
out of the larvae of doom
a moth to a flame 

Beautiful brown butterfly
leave the ashes behind
and reclaim your time.




Nothing left to do
it's all on you
but will we stay true 
to the dream we both pursue?

there is no center
where we can both enter
on a common stage.
On either side we stand
with outstreched hands
becoming an island
that gets love from no one.

can it be?
can we build a bridge
so he she thm and none can be we?
Too late to be self-sufficent
life proves our incompetence
and laughs us into impotence.


Hostile Takeover.

Hostile Takeover

It was so easy...
Winner takes all
everyone loses here.
Death is a dusty bed partner
but the red hot coals of hate too sweet
to put out of reach.
She never saw it coming
words sicklier than honey 
dripped from venomous lips
like a cat-o-nine whip
deadly stiff with envy and hate.

It is too late
to get back those yesterdays
of feel good friendship and fairplay?

Now we stand on opposite sides
while blood and gore
runs through our tomorrows
as we heave regretful sighs.