I feel the death 
of a piece of me
at every regret.
Each breath squeezes tthrough
the hole left in my heart
from each false start I have made.
consumes me,
reels me in into the decay of grief
of loss of time and love.
clawing at me 
bending me to break...

"Everything happens for a reason".

Even the pain?

It last longer than the seasons
leaving a lasting stain.
Nothing is ever your fault
if you say it with your whole chest
it will leave you in distress,
because you mutliple your pain,
leaving you drained with nothing to gain.

Hostile Takeover.

Hostile Takeover

It was so easy...
Winner takes all
everyone loses here.
Death is a dusty bed partner
but the red hot coals of hate too sweet
to put out of reach.
She never saw it coming
words sicklier than honey 
dripped from venomous lips
like a cat-o-nine whip
deadly stiff with envy and hate.

It is too late
to get back those yesterdays
of feel good friendship and fairplay?

Now we stand on opposite sides
while blood and gore
runs through our tomorrows
as we heave regretful sighs. 

Handcuffed by the Past

Handcuffed by the Past

How could you
think we would forget?
You sinned
have a fatal flaw
broke all laws
and now your daring
gives us pause.

You want to be forgiven
redeemed and released
but we will keep you imprisoned
in our negativity.
We will keep you in your place
remember your disgrace
no second chances
with you ut us a cold case.

We may not be God
with no right to punish
but by god!
We wont let you flourish!

The Purpose of Regrets

There are many videos on YouTube around the issue of regret. There are videos about things I regret from my 20s, 30s and so on and so forth. However, I wonder if laying out those wounds, past hurts and disappointments really accomplishes much. Maybe for many persons, regrets from their past have given them the impetuous to work harder and push further. But, there is the real danger that regret can become our lifelong companions and deprive us of the joys of now.

There are many things in my past I wish I had done differently that at the time seemed perfectly sane and absolutely necessary. There are things I knew was wrong but did anyway, because life is complicated. However, does it now make sense that I allow those past decisions to control my decisions now through a sense of making the same mistakes or having similar results?

I have determined thus far that no one can every make the right decision for you and nobody wants to. Therefore, the decisions that we make must be in our best interest if we aim to do something anything along the lines of our purpose here on earth. When I tell you I regret not having financial literacy, not listening more to my intuition and not getting out of bad relationships quickly, ask me what am I doing now having learned those lessons.

It is easy to get stuck on our regrets, especially when what others think of us matter too much to us. When we compare ourselves with everyone and wonder why we are not further along. When instead of using our past as a blueprint to live the rest of our lives, we find ways to relish those disasters by taking them out from time to time and having a “poor me” party.


  • I wish I had spoken up for myself – you still can begin now
  • I wish I’d let myself be happier – you are still alive BE happy, do what makes you happy
  • I wish I had the courage to life a life true to me – you can it is not too late create moments where you do
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with more people – if you can’t reach out to them now treasure the ones you can and make it a point to keep connected
  • I wish I had not been so focused on what others thought about me – it may be hard but start taking that approach now, work towards being as unbothered as you can be!

Regrets are a part of life, we all have them, but do not let your regrets overshadow your life.