Personal Choice

Personal Choice

It can be  sentitive
or insensitive
free the spirit
or give birth
to the horros around you.
It can fuel your compassion
or make you immune
out of tune,
to how you,
impact me and the few
who don't agree with you.
Just be certain
that your choice cure
and does not obsure. 

Two Elephants Fought

Two Elephants Fought

Two Elephants fought,
and there was inconsolable weeping
because they brought nought
but senseless destruction and bleeding.

Two politican made a bet,
each from the comfort of their cars
how many citizens will welcome death
to make them their luminous star.

Two enemies tampled underfoot,
the gentle blades of grass,
the grass rooted helplessly looked
as hastily their futures scurried pass.

Two goliath drew their sword,
in a worldly display of power
they each declared themselves lord
but mercilessly shreded the gentle flowers.

Two sycophants stood at court,
before the people
looking for their support
but their words were poison and lethal.

The weak though many,
are the ones who get hurt
the ones whose loads are heavy
loads which stomps them slowly in the dirt.

Child of the Light

Child of the Light

I am a child of the light
that's lost its way
and now
I am trying to swim back to my source.
No matter what
I will not be swayed
by the changing times.
I will stand my ground
fight ugly on this mound
and get my light 
from where darkness abounds. 

I am a child of the light
so I must shine bright
for others too are lost
and they must be found.
They too must make it back
to the place where there is no lack 
and happiness and laughter abound.

Courage Counts

Courage Counts

Everyday to the grave
go obscure great men and women.
Weighed down by fear and timidity
their greatness buried
before their bones hit dirt.
The shadows lament
untried dreams 
and aborted first attempts.
like a seed yet to germinate
their potential lay asleep
for more than half a century
never to be woken with the kiss
of consent.
Paralysed by all the what ifs
they never knew
the joy to rise from the ashes.
And so they remained as if
they never were.
And truly they and all they were
remain frozen at a forgotten cliff.

No Excuses

No Excuses

Are you at the edge
trying to get into the healing pool?
You have tried to tip over
But there remained unmoved.
Have angels stired the waters for you
to make then holy?
But still felt trapped by your circumstance?
I am sure you have wondered 
why you must linger
and suffer while everyone else jumps in
before you.

Did you try rolling over?
Try getting closer
one inch at a time each day?
Or are you stuck with your excuses
that block your blessings
stops you from making it in?
Has time been robbed from you
because you hesitate?

Do not fear
take up your bed and be of good cheer.
You will be restored and realigned.
You will get back your time.

On Being Saved

On Being Saved

I got baptized at nineteen
But God is just now saving me.
The water that fateful day
did not clense me
but hard won sorrow like a river
washes away the dirt and decay.
I stepped on the world stage
almost drowned
but God pulled me back
by my kinky hairs and counted each strand
to make sure they were still there.
Now I must come correct.

I really tried to be perfect,
but with each stroke
a piece broke
and the wood had to be refashioned.
Pillaged by too much Arrogance
left half dead by the way side
I now wear the cloak of humility.

Nineteen years,

I was wet behind the ears,
now I am driven by a burning Holy fire.
Disrobed ,
I stand changed by my perfet imperfections.

The Value of a Seed

The Value of a Seed

Look in my hand,
what you see is a seed.
This seed I hold though must be freed 
to live in its potential.

This seed,
will become a tree
that will one day bear fruits
and those fruits too
will also have seeds - 
potential trees,
if only you can see
more than what is before you
if only you can see
not what is 
but what could be.

Now it is tiny and useless it seems
hard and of little significance even.
But if you plant
and water it,
this seed will exceed
even your vision of what it can be.