We will come like avengers
from the four corners of the earth
where we have been scattered 
and gather.
Here around this fire
we will tell stories
of how we triumphed
blazed through failures like wildfire
and jumped the line
of discord
that tried to derail
and intimidate.
Here we will remember 
that we are someone
mighty and valiant
our Ori go before us
and we are not afraid.
No we cannot be stopped
our energy comes from remembering.

We are forked lightning
that can never be stopped.

What Shall I Teach?

What Shall I Teach?

I am no saint 
so how can I teach
how can I lead you to your destiny?
What do I have to offer
but my stumbles and falls
those it seems I gave my all?
These must be enough.
You can look all you want to
put me under your microscope
I still will be me.
Go ahead and judge me
see I failed many tests
still have no formula for success
but I have my identity.

I know I am weak
I know I have let you down 
when you try to give me my crown.
I know I am not perfect.
But this is good

I can sprinkle big drops of wisdom
 on parched ground.
I know each morning dew
will let my words find you.
I know my life can bless
the grass that still has tenderness.
I know my life can shower your herb garden
bring you healing.

So Much Trouble in the World

So Much Trouble in the World

The devil says...
Let's imbibe negativity
find all the hate and insensitivity
give it exclusivity and a voice.
Let's kill 
all that is good until
every last soul cries 
as those around them die

But can we try
to resist the temptation
to revel in distate and hate?
Can we try
to find good again
smile again
walk in the light again
even when we wrestle with our private pain?

Healthy Decadence

Healthy Decadence

We carry the sins
of those who do not look within
and see how the tall tale they spin
begins the decay of the soul of a people.

How they piss on Justice,
practicing marksmen
who target the dreams of the youth.
Bloated with self-importance
we feed the monster they have become.

Here is no place for progress,
in stagnat suffocating sargasso
we sink slowly
while our potential lay defeated
over-powered by Life's meaninglessness. 

With vigor
we thrive in circles,
and tremble
at how far we have receded
under the thumb of progress.
Their progress

Still Running

Still Running

Still running 
even when I fall
and have to crawl.
Still running
even when the bullies stand tall
and try to overshadow me.
Still running
though fear trips me along the way.
Still running
even when I'm out of breath.
Still running
can't stop
because to stop is death.

Social Experiment

Social Experiment

Step right in and take a seat.
Look around
and be scared.
Nothing is as it seems
and never will
but now you can see a real crime scene.
You thought you were free?
Yes indeed!
But it seems you are not?
You thought your cause was right
and you fought with all your might
until they removed the screen
of deceit. 
But then they brought you out
the puppeteer
and your realised...

you were not the ventriloquist.

Hostile Takeover.

Hostile Takeover

It was so easy...
Winner takes all
everyone loses here.
Death is a dusty bed partner
but the red hot coals of hate too sweet
to put out of reach.
She never saw it coming
words sicklier than honey 
dripped from venomous lips
like a cat-o-nine whip
deadly stiff with envy and hate.

It is too late
to get back those yesterdays
of feel good friendship and fairplay?

Now we stand on opposite sides
while blood and gore
runs through our tomorrows
as we heave regretful sighs.