Be Brave

Be brave
and admit you failed
at something you never wanted to do
in the first place.
Be brave
show your flaws
and not give a damn!
Be brave
and show them your banner
still being constructed
no bright colours
or ever.
Be brave
as you crash and burn
and learn to stay grounded
until another attempt.
Be brave
and admit you never really cared
you just wanted the praise.
Be brave
life ain't so wonderful
but you're still gonna live it.

Malum discordiea

Malum discordiea

Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Lily had been in that garden,
Where the waters flowed endlessly…
Where the green grandeur of the vegetation,
Soothed the mind and soul.

Then one day, without warning,
She jumped on a rickety rollicking raft,
Along with the slimy traitor;
Who's eyes hypnotized and blinded.

Lily felt so nice going down on that raft-
The wind in her hair,
As the resplendent beauty of what she was leaving behind, swirled by;
Leaving her dizzy with joy.

The ride ended though, in a whirlpool of decay.
The traitor has been ordered to crawl always,

And Lily, 
For her crime,
Has been sentenced to everlasting misery….

Malum discordiae= Latin for "apple of discord"
Media vita in morte sumus=Latin for "in the mist of our lives we die"

Hitting Rock Bottom

So you put it all on the line and you failed? Now you want to give in and accept defeat. Don’t be sad, don’t be sorry, be glad you did not win when you did.

I think I can confidently say that for many people, being at the bottom sucks. It sucks so bad that most people would rather not be in contention for anything, miss out on great opportunities rather than there being a possibility for them being at the bottom. It just seems like no one likes a loser, so no one wants to be one.

But I think losing is a good thing.

If you have come to realise this, great, but I have learned this lesson well and I am so happy that I solved that piece of the puzzle and never want to forget it.

Losing should not break your will to strive for more, to go after your dreams, to even have dreams. No, losing should be the catalyst you need to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and get to where you need to be. This does not mean necessarily in the number one spot, but your comfort zone. The zone where you can comfortably stay, grow and thrive!

Losing helps you to stay humble and be that much more grateful when you do win. To remember that not everyone can or will win and to respect the unique qualities of those you competed against. To value each person’s contribution to the competition and your development. To know that at the end of the day winning does not guarantee happiness or contentment. To know that when the applause ends and the adoring fans leave you will still know the value of your worth. There is also the joy of knowing that you have seen yourself at your worst and lived to tell the tale, to know the bitter taste of defeat and still overcame the potential poisonous effects. Winning doesn’t make you better, losing does. Because if you plan to get up when knocked off your feet you have to give a little more, do something different and tap into a reserve of power you didn’t know you had. When you lose is when you know how strong you are, because you faced those demons that told you to stop trying and defeated them.

So let us be more willing to embrace losing, so we can test our strength, resilience and heart. Let us not just live but be alive to the possibilities for growth that losing offers.

Hold On

Hold On

My friend..!
For your sake
for my sake
hold on!
the branch right there
too slim.
The rock over so
too sharp.
I see the blood 
hold on!

my heart
in my throat
hold on!
Don't fall now
just so.
The rain falling
slippery slope
down below.
forsaken we are 
battered we are
hold on!

let me 
pull you
push you 
let the blasted 
old piece a cloth go!
Hold on !
wipe the tears
see the sun 
and let it light the way.
Hold on!
for you and I
because this is our journey.

Emotions: if they control us, they destroy us.

Tensions are running high and our emotions are sustaining us, while fueling a fire that will consume us – if we let it. If everything we do revolves around how we feel then we are never in control. We become slaves to our emotions, where wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong and we never acknowledge or know the difference. When we are up we reach beyond the universe but when we are down we are buried in the deepest and darkest pit imaginable. This is no way to live.

When you are constantly on edge and your nerves so frazzled that your brain short circuits and makes you a hulking shivering mess, useful to everyone most of all yourself. These emotions that you may have once thrived on to get you by, have turned on you and you become their victims, trapped in a constant roller coaster of emotions. Before you know it, you are not thinking clearly, which means you cannot act decisively and you become immobile, drowning because of those emotions.

The battle is real, with landmines everywhere, the likelihood of being blown to pieces an almost sure possibility. To do everything based on how you feel each day could be doing a lot and getting nothing done, that is how harmful succumbing to our emotions can be. Those sleepless nights and binge eating sessions, are directly linked to those raging emotions – even those you think aren’t a threat. We have to see them for what they can become, a monster like Godzilla almost impossible to contain.

However, we can begin to reign it in, though it may not be easy. It is especially hard if you have become reliant on them to be companions in life, when you let them in but refuse to let them back out. They become larger than life because we give in and give up without putting up a challenge. It is only when we can find a way to take back control that we can know peace enough to be content. We just need to acknowledge that we have a problem and seek help outside of our narrow world of destructive emotions; from a source greater than ourselves.


I see deeply into your very soul
you cannot hide from me
I hold you prisoner
you cannot escape me.
I speak you but you cannot see me
you feel so confused
I change, shift, slip and twist
every which way.

Can you truly conquer me? 

That Island

That Island

There the skies are always
crystal clear
Turquoise blue

The breeze blows in one direction
fate is always with you.
No one blocks your view,
your progress is guaranteed and your path way clear
because you have permission to shape it.

You need no doors to keep you  "safe"
nor to lock the dangers that never were there.
There are no secrets to spring at you
tear your integrity to shreds;
to leave the ground covered with your entrails
your dignity seeping slowly into  dust.

On that island you can truly be free - 
be alone
to thrive

The cool healing rancid water
cures all that the world has unleashed.
There is power in those waters.
From the brink of death you are made whole.

There is no fear
no enemy
no hate
only you.

That Island is your safe haven
it is you.
That island gives you power
that this world has taken.

Memories are everywhere,
momentos lovingly left for you to find.
To tell the real story of who you are
not created by human hands
but fashioned
by that Great One.

There is no time to abuse time
each moment is precious
each vital.
Each necessary.

There you will stay - 
for as long as you are meant to stay.
Not cut down in a murderous rage
of jealousy. You will stay.

As the wind ruffles hair too dense to penetrate
a crown too powerful to bring down.
as it massages away the knots
there, in that spot you will know peace.