Malum discordiea

Malum discordiea

Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Lily had been in that garden,
Where the waters flowed endlessly…
Where the green grandeur of the vegetation,
Soothed the mind and soul.

Then one day, without warning,
She jumped on a rickety rollicking raft,
Along with the slimy traitor;
Who's eyes hypnotized and blinded.

Lily felt so nice going down on that raft-
The wind in her hair,
As the resplendent beauty of what she was leaving behind, swirled by;
Leaving her dizzy with joy.

The ride ended though, in a whirlpool of decay.
The traitor has been ordered to crawl always,

And Lily, 
For her crime,
Has been sentenced to everlasting misery….

Malum discordiae= Latin for "apple of discord"
Media vita in morte sumus=Latin for "in the mist of our lives we die"

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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