I Too Have Sin

I too Have SInned

Malignant tumors of regret 
I now seek release.
By the foolish acts of being human
I now seek redemption.
What is the first step
that I must take
to be washed clean
to come into your presence?
I do not know
I fear my crimes 
have taken control
of my possible aquittal.
But I must be reborn
still born no more.
I must try
or die trying.
I must come again
strife again against the pain
of loss and regret.
I want to feel the light
smell the sweet air
of release of all my fears
defeated at last.

Hold On

Hold On

My friend..!
For your sake
for my sake
hold on!
the branch right there
too slim.
The rock over so
too sharp.
I see the blood 
hold on!

my heart
in my throat
hold on!
Don't fall now
just so.
The rain falling
slippery slope
down below.
forsaken we are 
battered we are
hold on!

let me 
pull you
push you 
let the blasted 
old piece a cloth go!
Hold on !
wipe the tears
see the sun 
and let it light the way.
Hold on!
for you and I
because this is our journey.