Like an avenging angel
from the east,
bright blue light streaks
across the evening sky.
It comes unanounced
unforseen and discreet
to spread a blanket of comforting signs.
No place is too far, deep, high or wide
that it cannot reach,
it must tear down diseased despair,
my peace I give to you.
So no fear can reach
from anxieties you are released,
just believe
that you have received
this gift so precious
so vital to your increase.

That Island

That Island

There the skies are always
crystal clear
Turquoise blue

The breeze blows in one direction
fate is always with you.
No one blocks your view,
your progress is guaranteed and your path way clear
because you have permission to shape it.

You need no doors to keep you  "safe"
nor to lock the dangers that never were there.
There are no secrets to spring at you
tear your integrity to shreds;
to leave the ground covered with your entrails
your dignity seeping slowly into  dust.

On that island you can truly be free - 
be alone
to thrive

The cool healing rancid water
cures all that the world has unleashed.
There is power in those waters.
From the brink of death you are made whole.

There is no fear
no enemy
no hate
only you.

That Island is your safe haven
it is you.
That island gives you power
that this world has taken.

Memories are everywhere,
momentos lovingly left for you to find.
To tell the real story of who you are
not created by human hands
but fashioned
by that Great One.

There is no time to abuse time
each moment is precious
each vital.
Each necessary.

There you will stay - 
for as long as you are meant to stay.
Not cut down in a murderous rage
of jealousy. You will stay.

As the wind ruffles hair too dense to penetrate
a crown too powerful to bring down.
as it massages away the knots
there, in that spot you will know peace.


How to defeat bad habits? When procrastination is your best friend and negative talk has been your only support for so long, how do you have a reversal of fortunes?

I am sure that asking the questions are easier than answering them. It is normal to seek inspiration and the motivation to do great things from outside. From those who have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. However, does it really matter if we are inspired by others or from within? I once heard an actor say he was never inspired by another actor. So how and why did he become one? Well there are specific things that each of us want to accomplish or would like to achieve, should we wait on someone to come along and inspire us to take the plunge and pursue what we want to pursue?

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I have come to realize that it is easy to become swept away by the expectations of others and end up going in circles. If everyone was to do everything and make all their decisions based on what they thought others expected then most dreams would die a swift death. The greatest blockage to our success in any area of life, can be our unwillingness to make the tough decisions, because we don’t want to offend or disappoint anyone.

However, maybe it is time to make those decisions and forget about being a disappointment. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to be inspired from within and not from anyone. Maybe it’s okay not to have fantastic heroes that are goals, but a quiet confidence about what lies within.

Maybe we should not aim to inspire anyone but just be real, and that means being willing to show the strengths and vulnerability as they naturally occur.

What is Life?

What is life?

But the essence of something wonderful that ends too soon.
A moment
in a thousand other little moments wrapped in comfort food.
The whisper of a promise,
half fulfilled.
The knowing of not knowing but knowing there is a mystery to uncover.
The thrill of discovery.
The agony of loss.
To be born and know life is to find the rainbow.
To live it is to know the rainbow has no end or beginning.
It just is.

To count:
Like counting gains of sand.
It's a happiness that shifts this way and then that way
never to be contained.
Never for sale.
It's the joy of knowing that every fiber of your being
has power shooting from each limb.

To know death but not fear it.
To be small, yet stand tall.

What is life if not a dream?
When bad days become good days and
you hold both in the palm of your hand.


What is life?
Too many answers.
Too little time.

What is life?

Make it matter.

- Simone Grant
Brown, Gray, and Black Butterfly Perching on Human Finger