What is Life?

What is life?

But the essence of something wonderful that ends too soon.
A moment
in a thousand other little moments wrapped in comfort food.
The whisper of a promise,
half fulfilled.
The knowing of not knowing but knowing there is a mystery to uncover.
The thrill of discovery.
The agony of loss.
To be born and know life is to find the rainbow.
To live it is to know the rainbow has no end or beginning.
It just is.

To count:
Like counting gains of sand.
It's a happiness that shifts this way and then that way
never to be contained.
Never for sale.
It's the joy of knowing that every fiber of your being
has power shooting from each limb.

To know death but not fear it.
To be small, yet stand tall.

What is life if not a dream?
When bad days become good days and
you hold both in the palm of your hand.


What is life?
Too many answers.
Too little time.

What is life?

Make it matter.

- Simone Grant
Brown, Gray, and Black Butterfly Perching on Human Finger

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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