The Value of a Seed

The Value of a Seed

Look in my hand,
what you see is a seed.
This seed I hold though must be freed 
to live in its potential.

This seed,
will become a tree
that will one day bear fruits
and those fruits too
will also have seeds - 
potential trees,
if only you can see
more than what is before you
if only you can see
not what is 
but what could be.

Now it is tiny and useless it seems
hard and of little significance even.
But if you plant
and water it,
this seed will exceed
even your vision of what it can be.

And So You Can

And So You Can

Fit ambitious man
and woman.
And so you can,
do what you set out to do.
But know
the going will be slow
and no guru man
can set your plans
and lands
before you.
You see
no one can 
set you up and make your dream dreams.

Never outran yourself
to fold somewhere on the a shelf
in defeat
and disbelief
of your true potential.

And so
of course you can, 
find the wealth undefind 
by the world that would have you sell yourself.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Any final words today?
Any way to beat this rain
as I go my way?
Do you have words of wisdom 
after skimming off the scum
off your system?
Now that you see the light
lend me your shades
or does it fade
with time?
I will let you speak - 
but one more question.

Was it worth it?

I will Feed You

I will Feed You

I see you
struggle to make ends meet.
I hear you cry
in pain, scarred and battered.
Shattered by disappointment
you lay prone
I smell all the anxiety pouring out of you
boring a river of gloom.
I taste your fear
as it jumps out of your chest 
and attempt to cut you down
to nothing.
I feel your roughed form
twisted into a million shapes
as you try to fit into those tight spaces.

Here let me feed you
a bone broth of optimism - 
you have a future.
No storm can get you here
no drought shall find you dry
When your tears flow
enough to drown ten thousand
I will send out the rainbows
to remind you of the promise.
When you think your are empty
you will be filled,
nourished for life.

I will remind you to keep going
keep living 
keep being.
I will be there when you reach far enough
dig deep enough.
I will be the gratitude
that feeds your optimism.


How to defeat bad habits? When procrastination is your best friend and negative talk has been your only support for so long, how do you have a reversal of fortunes?

I am sure that asking the questions are easier than answering them. It is normal to seek inspiration and the motivation to do great things from outside. From those who have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. However, does it really matter if we are inspired by others or from within? I once heard an actor say he was never inspired by another actor. So how and why did he become one? Well there are specific things that each of us want to accomplish or would like to achieve, should we wait on someone to come along and inspire us to take the plunge and pursue what we want to pursue?

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I have come to realize that it is easy to become swept away by the expectations of others and end up going in circles. If everyone was to do everything and make all their decisions based on what they thought others expected then most dreams would die a swift death. The greatest blockage to our success in any area of life, can be our unwillingness to make the tough decisions, because we don’t want to offend or disappoint anyone.

However, maybe it is time to make those decisions and forget about being a disappointment. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to be inspired from within and not from anyone. Maybe it’s okay not to have fantastic heroes that are goals, but a quiet confidence about what lies within.

Maybe we should not aim to inspire anyone but just be real, and that means being willing to show the strengths and vulnerability as they naturally occur.