Dream Legs

Dream Legs

I dreamed a dream quite faraway
and dreamed that I was there.
The dream unfolded
because Defeat gave me a death stare.
So I dreamed yesterday,
today with my eyes wide open
to ensure the dream sequence remained unbroken.
I dreamed my dream foolishly
as I sleepwalked on thin air
and no one was there
to make sure that I could see my way clearly.

I dreamed a dream upon my bed
a comforting place to rest my head
but then again it kept me down
and so I could not be led nor found
where my dreams wanted me to go.
Then upon a bed my dreams lay dead
to the possibilities that they had.
I wrestled with them
taunted them but it was all in vain, 
in utter confusion and pain
they would not rise in fame.
But just when I had given up
ready to bury them in defeat
a celestial being came down and said
"to live your dreams 
you must give them feet".

And So You Can

And So You Can

Fit ambitious man
and woman.
And so you can,
do what you set out to do.
But know
the going will be slow
and no guru man
can set your plans
and lands
before you.
You see
no one can 
set you up and make your dream dreams.

Never outran yourself
to fold somewhere on the a shelf
in defeat
and disbelief
of your true potential.

And so
of course you can, 
find the wealth undefind 
by the world that would have you sell yourself.