Dream Legs

Dream Legs

I dreamed a dream quite faraway
and dreamed that I was there.
The dream unfolded
because Defeat gave me a death stare.
So I dreamed yesterday,
today with my eyes wide open
to ensure the dream sequence remained unbroken.
I dreamed my dream foolishly
as I sleepwalked on thin air
and no one was there
to make sure that I could see my way clearly.

I dreamed a dream upon my bed
a comforting place to rest my head
but then again it kept me down
and so I could not be led nor found
where my dreams wanted me to go.
Then upon a bed my dreams lay dead
to the possibilities that they had.
I wrestled with them
taunted them but it was all in vain, 
in utter confusion and pain
they would not rise in fame.
But just when I had given up
ready to bury them in defeat
a celestial being came down and said
"to live your dreams 
you must give them feet".

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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