On Being Saved

On Being Saved

I got baptized at nineteen
But God is just now saving me.
The water that fateful day
did not clense me
but hard won sorrow like a river
washes away the dirt and decay.
I stepped on the world stage
almost drowned
but God pulled me back
by my kinky hairs and counted each strand
to make sure they were still there.
Now I must come correct.

I really tried to be perfect,
but with each stroke
a piece broke
and the wood had to be refashioned.
Pillaged by too much Arrogance
left half dead by the way side
I now wear the cloak of humility.

Nineteen years,

I was wet behind the ears,
now I am driven by a burning Holy fire.
Disrobed ,
I stand changed by my perfet imperfections.

I will Feed You

I will Feed You

I see you
struggle to make ends meet.
I hear you cry
in pain, scarred and battered.
Shattered by disappointment
you lay prone
I smell all the anxiety pouring out of you
boring a river of gloom.
I taste your fear
as it jumps out of your chest 
and attempt to cut you down
to nothing.
I feel your roughed form
twisted into a million shapes
as you try to fit into those tight spaces.

Here let me feed you
a bone broth of optimism - 
you have a future.
No storm can get you here
no drought shall find you dry
When your tears flow
enough to drown ten thousand
I will send out the rainbows
to remind you of the promise.
When you think your are empty
you will be filled,
nourished for life.

I will remind you to keep going
keep living 
keep being.
I will be there when you reach far enough
dig deep enough.
I will be the gratitude
that feeds your optimism.