The Sinner

The Sinner

I am the bride
In whiteI am filled with pride
I cannot be touched
because God loves me so much
I have no sins to hide.

So you use religion as a crutch
But you I know by your lust,
depraved mind which makes you blind
to the incremental nature of your soul's decline
with each monstrous tide.

How dear you!
With your limited view
tell me about sin.
There is no fault within
and if so it is not for you to spin
my sins back into the light.

You both are wrong 
and rather bold,
to think you can either of you
speak truth
when still you are tainted from within
by that corrupted man that loves sin.

In Pursuit

In Pursuit

In pursuit I chased
but In got disengaged
from the ordering of my mind.
I looked for a sign
it did not come
so my sign I made
But ended up dismayed
When my sign led to a dead end.
I ran and ran
then ran some more
to find a home secure
but instead I ran through an open door
and ended up on a desolate moore!
from the corner of my eye
now here's my sign
though I
but look here
it was a big black fly!
So now I roam
far from home
my pursuit now quite noisome.

Your Walk

Your Walk

When you begin your walk,
you will know who you are,
you will be who you are,
and give of who you are.

When you begin your walk,
the least will be great
in your heart,
you will forget your fairy dreams
and live in your steps,
real dreams.

When you begin your walk,
you will know when to wait
and do what must be done,
before it is too late.

When you begin your walk,
you will honour those at your gate,
for they are your fate,
they will make you great.
For to build them up 
is to be graced 
with an overflowing plate.

Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Look at me move
I move so fast.
No one can stop me now.
I believe I can fly.
nimbly I move 
from tree to tree
Oh my this is sweet!
I eat all day,
and there is nothing you can say.
I am a master 
an expert you see
There is nothing better 
than what I am called to be.

But suddenly
I get tired
and must rest.
So in my cocoon
I make my nest.

But as I wake 
look up and stretch
I feel my body has reset!
Where once I was long and around
glory be! 
That catterpillar cannot be found!
In its place I now have wings!
And guess what?
They flutter, flop and sing.
Now I can move at lightening speed
Oh this is so much more fun!
Oh yes indeed 
this is a dream!

Battle scars

Battle Scars

Your battle scars 
say who you are.
Have none?
Then you have not learned 
a thing worth learning.
Or perhaps, 
you try to hide them.
Ashamed with a sense of disgrace
that you were bested.
Fear not,
though your scars are alot
they are your testimonies 
that you survived,
they anoint your flesh
reminding you of the tests
that have made you your best
in a world where sorrow
obscures many a tomorrows.
So wear them proudly,
They your purple hearts.

Tear Down Those Idols

Tear Down Those Idols

Whom do you love
and give your time to
your life to
and to it give your peace?
Whom do you listen to
allow to lead you
access you
and when frightened, entreats?
Whom do you trust
above the ones you love
and take the time
to lose your time to?
Whom do you shadow
make promises to
and whom pray tell
do your very soul pursues?

Pursue beauty
pursue you
pursue what God says is true.
There is greatness poured 
into the grey to bring forth the colours
that lies said were untrue of you.

Peace is My Weapon

Peace is My Weapon

You want to fight?
Go ahead.
I wont stop you
I wont lift a finger
to help you.
You there,
huff and puff
while I sit in the shade
watching the clock
go tick, tick, tick.

Not done?
Let me then
lay a little in the sun
tell me when you are done
playing the Hun. 
Tell me when you are ready
to take up peace and bury
the poison in your heart,
so we can have a clean start.