Unforgiveness is a poison
it eats at the soul.
When it is finsihed with it
like acid it corrodes the spirit
it tears at your peace
and leaves its victim destitute.
It takes away your joy
and it will destroy
your choice to truly live.
It will lead you to demand
until you are demented.
With it
you can only pick
the unsavoury fruit of bitterness
that drops to the ground and become
an untamed entangled web of a deathly forest.

ALways You

Always You

You were always you
even when you wore other faces
not of you.
Even when you were confused
even when you were used
and abused
you were always you.
Even if you never knew
from time to time
especially because you were bruised
blacked and blued
until you lacked insight
But you
You were always within God's sight
and if you just hold on
He will gaurd the you He made
with all His might

I Found God Today

I Found God Today

I found God today
and guess what?
He had never gone away.
I had just lost my way.
Distracted by deception
feted by the thief of joy
false promises its only decoy.
But today I stopped
and heard God say - 
"keep going
I am right here.
Keep striving
for by your tears and my grace
you must win this race".



Nothing plus God
equals everything.
A difficult equation
to understand
for many of us
for His ways are not ours.

But take for a minute 
all those who started that way -
from David the Shepherd boy
dirty and unattractive
too puny
to grow into himself,
a mighty warrior King.
What about Moses?
was living in hell
because he doubted himself
yet God held him up
with a staff that could tell
of how great God is.
To Joseph the dreamer
who dreamed up great dreams
until they were real.

They all had their day
and are still remembered till today.

Let's go deeper still -
this world that we live in
was created from dust
brought into something.
From many a failures
God took us from our jaliors
and gave us a saviour.

They and we
grew into greatness.
God had to take them and us from nothing
Be in the equation-
and trust me with faith
the same destiny awaits us.

Child of the Light

Child of the Light

I am a child of the light
that's lost its way
and now
I am trying to swim back to my source.
No matter what
I will not be swayed
by the changing times.
I will stand my ground
fight ugly on this mound
and get my light 
from where darkness abounds. 

I am a child of the light
so I must shine bright
for others too are lost
and they must be found.
They too must make it back
to the place where there is no lack 
and happiness and laughter abound.


You don't need things to enjoy life- you need life to enjoy things (Myles Munroe)

Why worry
as if you have no life in you?
You are rich 
because you have life.
Why be sad
and be confused?
You know what you must do
look for the answers
theyhave been locked inside of you.
Why stare in dismay
and not pray?
Once you say what you must say
then do what you must do
real dreams do come through.
offers so much
take your pieace 

Courage Counts

Courage Counts

Everyday to the grave
go obscure great men and women.
Weighed down by fear and timidity
their greatness buried
before their bones hit dirt.
The shadows lament
untried dreams 
and aborted first attempts.
like a seed yet to germinate
their potential lay asleep
for more than half a century
never to be woken with the kiss
of consent.
Paralysed by all the what ifs
they never knew
the joy to rise from the ashes.
And so they remained as if
they never were.
And truly they and all they were
remain frozen at a forgotten cliff.