Nothing plus God
equals everything.
A difficult equation
to understand
for many of us
for His ways are not ours.

But take for a minute 
all those who started that way -
from David the Shepherd boy
dirty and unattractive
too puny
to grow into himself,
a mighty warrior King.
What about Moses?
was living in hell
because he doubted himself
yet God held him up
with a staff that could tell
of how great God is.
To Joseph the dreamer
who dreamed up great dreams
until they were real.

They all had their day
and are still remembered till today.

Let's go deeper still -
this world that we live in
was created from dust
brought into something.
From many a failures
God took us from our jaliors
and gave us a saviour.

They and we
grew into greatness.
God had to take them and us from nothing
Be in the equation-
and trust me with faith
the same destiny awaits us.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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