Who I AM

Who I AM

Who I am is not up for debate
no question mark here
no room for self-hate.
It is who I 
What each was meant to be
one specific patent
built uniquely.
We may lose our way
become controtionist
trying to be a square
inna circle
and thinking, "how unfair
I do not fit!"
But unbend we must
learn and readjust
to recapture ourselves
and show who I am.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true...

They do.
Dreams do come true
if you can get on the other side.
But how to?
How to get through
the highways and byways of Hopeless Way.
Do we sing it into existence?
Dance perhaps?
Should we check the fortune teller?
The blind one in the tent?
We need to find the Rainbow Bridge.
Get over it
and follow the candles that are lit
to get to it.

With Your Whole Heart

With Your Whole Heart

With your whole heart
be yourself
see yourself as you truly are.

With your whole heart
speak your truth
tell your story even if no one follows you.

Wit your whole heart
give of yourself
love with a love that will never end.

With your whole heart
do not cower
but keep fighting with heart and courage.

With your whole heart
see the beauty
under the trembling rot of decay.

With your whole heart
know thyself
and weild your weapon based on your art.