That Word “Suppose”

That Word "Suppose"

your dreams were made to waste
and never saw the light of day?
all you thrived off was the possibility
of those dreams?
you did not take some risks
what tradgedies would your life consist?
fear held you fast
and all your plans left scattered in the past?
you followed your friends
towards their dreams until the end 
and because of this you never did pursue
all you were meant to do?

Just suppose you took a look
at what has been written in your book
to change the future it will hold
so you can take back control
from Suppose and its terrifying fold.

Cup of Suffering

Cup of Suffering

This cup has blood on it
the stench of fear
and dispair
reels hovac on it
terrifying it
into submission.
This cup has seen storms
and strive
that has made dents in it
dents as wide as the ocean 
as deep as the deepest chasm.
This cup has drowned many-
This cup while full
promises abundance
a fee for your suffering.
This cup promises healing,
another day to drink and be alive.
This cup is blessed
by the carrier of the light.

Who I AM

Who I AM

Who I am is not up for debate
no question mark here
no room for self-hate.
It is who I 
What each was meant to be
one specific patent
built uniquely.
We may lose our way
become controtionist
trying to be a square
inna circle
and thinking, "how unfair
I do not fit!"
But unbend we must
learn and readjust
to recapture ourselves
and show who I am.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true...

They do.
Dreams do come true
if you can get on the other side.
But how to?
How to get through
the highways and byways of Hopeless Way.
Do we sing it into existence?
Dance perhaps?
Should we check the fortune teller?
The blind one in the tent?
We need to find the Rainbow Bridge.
Get over it
and follow the candles that are lit
to get to it.


Don't feel sorry for me
when you see me crying
I am healing
Iam being put back together again.
It was hard
to reach this part
where I can release
all the build up from the past.
I am here now
ready to get it out
don't feel sorry
I have to let it out.

I have to release the hurt
the disappointment and the loss.
I have to wash it all out
swim back to myself.
I have to reach this place
where my cup overflows
nd all that holds me back I let go.

So when you see these tears
please have no fear,
just thank God for me
that the end of my nightmare is near.

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

I can only Imagine
all the pain you went through
all the doubts that defeated you
when you needed to fight
that's when you withdrew
and life continued to remind you
the only way to survive
is to be true to you.

I can only imagine
how great the burden was
bent double from wretched sobs
of loss and despair.

I can only imagine
how alone you felt
there were many
but not that one friend
who could give you a hand
no judging just to understand
that you were weak
foolish yes,
but not a freak
or abomination.

I can only imagine 
how you struggled to stay alive
not knowing how to survive
the greatest blow you ever received.
How even now you don't know how
how much grace you can allow
because nothing can ever be the same.

The Imposter

The Imposter

Look at them,
innocent lambs to the slaughter
of my decay.
They think they know
but no
they don't know the carnage I can bring.
I have killed before
and may do so once again.
They don't know I can suck them dry
and make them just like me.
"Beware of false prophets"
for they too like you
are blind to devil's tricks.
I too was blinded
and have yet to recover my eyes
and so must follow a distant voice.
Don't tell me I achieved
through blood sweat and tears
all that I have achieved - 
the agony of the truth
is too much to bear
I must not share the burden of not belonging.
I look in the water
and for a second see myself,
then the pebbles come along 
to remind me to retreat 
once more back on the shelf,
a lonely hallow place,
where I belong,
because I do not belong,
incompetent as I am,
to anywhere else.