Peace is My Weapon

Peace is My Weapon

You want to fight?
Go ahead.
I wont stop you
I wont lift a finger
to help you.
You there,
huff and puff
while I sit in the shade
watching the clock
go tick, tick, tick.

Not done?
Let me then
lay a little in the sun
tell me when you are done
playing the Hun. 
Tell me when you are ready
to take up peace and bury
the poison in your heart,
so we can have a clean start.

Harvesting In Crisis

Harvesting In Crisis

Are you in a crisis
are you in a harvest?
Your crisis
can be somebody's harvest.
What you did will expose you.
Did you keep the faith
set a good foundation?
Hard Times are here,
They come to expose you.
They will tell you the truth,
reveal the true you.
What will you see in your mirror?
Do you see strength
Do you see waste?
Will you make it through,
last long enough,
so you and all you do
may gather for the harvest?

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

I can only Imagine
all the pain you went through
all the doubts that defeated you
when you needed to fight
that's when you withdrew
and life continued to remind you
the only way to survive
is to be true to you.

I can only imagine
how great the burden was
bent double from wretched sobs
of loss and despair.

I can only imagine
how alone you felt
there were many
but not that one friend
who could give you a hand
no judging just to understand
that you were weak
foolish yes,
but not a freak
or abomination.

I can only imagine 
how you struggled to stay alive
not knowing how to survive
the greatest blow you ever received.
How even now you don't know how
how much grace you can allow
because nothing can ever be the same.

Smile Through Them Tears

Smile Through Them Tears

I know it hurts,
I know you are raw
from being beaten 
too long
and too much.
I know you are stiff
already set in the grave
your lips refuse to move when you are at the edge
of the cliff.
I know the rain has left you
to gallivant somewhere else
to bless
and bring success
to somebody else.
I know you can't stop them

So cry if you want to
let it flow down and cover your view
of possibilities.
Get it all out,
who knows,
it may stop the drought and the doubts.
Then maybe you can go about
the business you came here to do.

While Your Heart Breaks

While Your Heart Breaks

While your heart breaks
I must take
this shovel
and keep digging.
While that tear drops
I must sit atop
my mound of clay
chip away at the decay of immorality
left by those who blunder in the name of crusades.
While you are happy
that your world is not so unhappy
I will carve my joy from dirt.
While you pray
for us to find our way
we will dig a path way trench.
While you feel blessed
to come from the west
I dig my feet
on the mountain side
to find my peace
when I face that test.
While you feel priviledged
know that I will
still survive.