Harvesting In Crisis

Harvesting In Crisis

Are you in a crisis
are you in a harvest?
Your crisis
can be somebody's harvest.
What you did will expose you.
Did you keep the faith
set a good foundation?
Hard Times are here,
They come to expose you.
They will tell you the truth,
reveal the true you.
What will you see in your mirror?
Do you see strength
Do you see waste?
Will you make it through,
last long enough,
so you and all you do
may gather for the harvest?

Nothing More Powerful

Nothing more powerful or worthy
nothing more in need of praise,

there is nothing else that can lift you high
way above the sky

arise, shine, for your light has come
a light that can never be extinguished
it does not burn
it blazes
flashing liking lightening
a rumble that shakes the foundations of the earth.

You shall see and be radiant
You will see the truth beyond those hidden walls.
no longer will will you be blinded
by fear and insecurities.
It is a new day!

Your heart shall thrill!
Know sorry no more
You have conquered the unconquerable.
You have power.
That little pinky can slay all your giants.
at your core is power
an inheritance,
never bought
cannot be stolen.

Who are those who fly above the clouds?
You have been raised 
you have been raised.
That power will carry you 
and the light shall be everlasting;