Just Because

Just because
I could
I did
and now
I wonder
why? But
I wish
I knew 
why before
it falls 
a part.


You don't need things to enjoy life- you need life to enjoy things (Myles Munroe)

Why worry
as if you have no life in you?
You are rich 
because you have life.
Why be sad
and be confused?
You know what you must do
look for the answers
theyhave been locked inside of you.
Why stare in dismay
and not pray?
Once you say what you must say
then do what you must do
real dreams do come through.
offers so much
take your pieace 

Grant Us Peace

Grant Us Peace

I know how it feels
when the arrow pierces your skin
hits bone and goes deeper within
piercing the very soul.

I have cried out in anguish
throat raw with blood
choking in the blood
from remember what has been.

I have died a little
each time I realise
life doesn't get easier
because you will it so
or because you think you know
the heart of your most loved brethren.

I have woken
many nights
with blood shot-eyes
after seeing the mangled bodies
of innocent lambs
slaughtered just because of man and man.

I know of bone chilling things
that languishes without and within
of a trauma filled void
growing wider and deeper it seems.

I have tasted the petrifingly dark taste
of putrid flesh
as it melts away from the wasted.

So in this hour,
another dark moment a constant threat
that will be filled with many regret.
Grant us Peace!

That Day

That Day


That day
I woke up and the sun was shining
and all was right with the world.
It was an ordinary day
just another day...

That day
I laughed
and played
just like any other day...

Then my world stopped
that day
I was faced with death
that day my world shifted off Centre
and has never realigned...

Now doom is everywhere
Father time smiles no more
and I can hear no longer
my own childish laughter
nor feel
the beat of the wonder of young bloom.
In my web of doubt 
I am caught
and choke at my own uncertainties...

That day
not long ago
when you left me
you took a small bit of my soul...

Life is a Lie

Do not believe anything!

Well that seems to be what we should take from all the craziness we are expected to deal with on a daily basis.

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It seems that the truth is only that for the person who does not want anyone else to know that they are lying. Fake apologies are now a dime a dozen, and we don’t know how Real looks anymore. We accept lies for truth and reject the truth for what our poor brains can accept as a desired reality – which is not the reality.

It’s now common to hate when we have to face our own shortcomings, because being the victim makes you a hero fit for your own pedestal. We have become suspicious of raw emotions and find comfort it rehearsed parts played by terrible actors. When you see someone who is the right package, it may be that it has been put together with the blood, sweat and tears of their poor victims- this time real ones. Also, if you look closely you will see that there are misfits and tapes where everything should be seamless.

So, here we are years later, with the truth. What do we do with it? Can we go back and reclaim our time from people who wasted it with their lies. Ah, no. Sadly, there is nothing we can do but accept that we have been duped by legions of distractions, ones who came close to derailing us from our truth.

We have become comfortable with the The Dream and life has really become a dream. An alternate reality to capture what we have decided is real.

 Ever drifting down the stream
Lingering in the golden gleam
Life, what is it but a dream?
- Lewis Carroll (from "Life is but a Dream")

Tapestry Of Life

Can you imagine being at a place where you can say: EVERY aspect of my life was necessary and perfect, where each painful step you took led to you imperfect perfect and it was good?

Maybe some of us are there, wish to get there or are getting there, but we all what to have that eureka moment.

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When I was younger I was introduced to Mills and Boons novels and I loved them until I did not. I fell out of love with them, because they all had the same story line. The same predictable start, middle and ending.

So too with life.

People tend to hate the mundane, the predictable and either make up things in their heads or chase the thrills and ultimately spills of life. However, when it comes to obstacles, things that challenge our ordinary world, we cry foul and ask why me. We want things to always be smooth sailing, to go exactly like we want it to go. But it never does, does it?

We bemoan those dreadful experiences, but at the same time, get a thrill out of retelling them, over and over and over again. We want to only be around good people and do good, yet somehow we find ourselves with the wrong crowd often doing the wrong things. This, after just promising that the last mistake would be the last mistake while doing the current mistake that will soon be the last mistake. In essence we confuse ourselves.

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But you know what? It all matters. The terrible mistakes that you have and will continue to make. It all matters. When you look back at everything you have and are yet to experience, there will be plenty bittersweet moments that you will be glad you experienced.

Yes, life I think is like a tapestry.

I mean I have not seen many tapestry at all – if any in real life. But from what I can see we all have varied experiences. There are things that did not come together as we envisioned or planned, but they are a part of our story. Moments we wish we could relive because they were the exemption to the rules. Perfect – or so they seem-moments; remember people, perfect is relative.

Our tapestry though filled with imperfect stitches can be a masterpiece if we remember to let God direct the pattern that the final product will take. No one said that the pieces have to match, they just need be the layers that you become as the tapestry is woven by your actions.

We all need to remember this:

Every single thread of our lives is vital to our tapestry and arranged by the wisdom and power of God.

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Wherever You Are Led.

We can’t give the best of what we don’t know or are aware of. Doing your best is easy if you know how to go about it. The idea that our intention matters has some merit but if the execution leads to more complications, not so much. You want to do the right think but often times it’s hard to know what is the right thing to do. It becomes so complicated when you are being told ten different ways to go about getting something done or even about the person you have to engage with. I have tried to do what is right in several instances and have often failed. One of the main problems is that I never settle on an approach that has worked for me, but am quick to try something else because I want to find the “best way”. I didn’t take the time to recognize the knowledge I had gained for my own personal use, but instead kept chasing a formula that had been created by someone else. One that worked for them.

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It’s important to always be expanding. So, it’s important to never get defeated by the mistakes we make when we don’t know better. Instead, we need to gain knowledge and develop the art of using the knowledge we gain to inform our decision. There may be times when we know what to do, but doing what we have to do may seem like a lot of work. However, if we want to experience change we have to get up and work towards that change. So, just like many people I need to move outside of my comfort space and shake things up. Often times it is in this way that we stumble upon people and things that expand our world and experiences.

It’s funny and not so funny when you’re blind to what’s in front of you, because you lack the knowledge to see. Many people look beyond the potential of what they already have because they see the finish product of someone else’s potential. We don’t realize that just like many we look to, we have the same potential and even the same opportunities but we do not make use of it. We don’t need someone else’s strength to be strong and someone else’s journey to begin our own. Think of it this way, someone may give a negative review of somewhere terrible that they have been and your experience is the complete opposite. Maybe we need to reconsider whether our trash is actually trash or our treasure.

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It’s hard to know when to shift our perspective and look somewhere else. You may be too stubborn, like me, to know when to give up and move on. I always thought this was a good thing until I got older, and started making my own decisions. I can be stubborn to the point of cutting off my nose to spite my face. When things get too painful, not hard, painful, I try and try and try. When things start failing I say, “well this must be a burden I must carry”. But, when we do things that bear no fruit in a reasonable time or seem to be driving us to the brink of madness or death, maybe we need to pull back and do a u-turn and move on. Yes it’s important to dig deeper but not in quick sand! When we find ourselves in that predicament it’s better to grab the branch you see or one that’s being offered and get out, fast.

It’s important to be confident in wherever you’re being lead, but make sure you’re being led by the right source. I saw this recently and it resonated:

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