Love’s Piece of Mind

Love's Piece of Mind

what yuh doing man
yuh think you have time
to just be wasting
in waiting?
yuh think I will stick around
yuh come to your senses?
cho man
that cannot work
no sah!
so let me tell you
is decision time.
what will you do
to make sure I stay
with you?

We Must Mourn

We Must Mourn

We who have suffered
a great great lot
For we must mourn.

We who have lost our innocence 
because hate was stronger than love
war brought more pleasure than war
and because
lives became a commodity, 
so we must mourn.

We must hold hands
lay down selfish plans
gather the ashes of
burnt dreams
stunted growth
and the souls of loved ones
and mourn

For all those lost
we must - 
call their names
pure our voices
pour our love
as libations
to show we are still humans
and we must mourn.

We must mourn
and then when we are done
we must get up
hands clasped tightly, 
and fight.

Shall I Pour into Me

Shall I Pour into Me?

yuh eva feel like seh 
the way how yuh dry
not even a river can quench yuh thirst?

draw from my well that never run dry 

when yuh try plant something
and the grung so tough
every tool you use
end up inna the bin?

draw from my well that never run dry

yuh eva try to figure out
how to dig a well
so deep
when a pure rock 
anda yuh feet?

draw from my well that never run dry

maybe some senna leaf
rhubarb root
to loosen tings up
mek things flow
the right way?

Well anyway I will find my remedy.

That Day

That Day


That day
I woke up and the sun was shining
and all was right with the world.
It was an ordinary day
just another day...

That day
I laughed
and played
just like any other day...

Then my world stopped
that day
I was faced with death
that day my world shifted off Centre
and has never realigned...

Now doom is everywhere
Father time smiles no more
and I can hear no longer
my own childish laughter
nor feel
the beat of the wonder of young bloom.
In my web of doubt 
I am caught
and choke at my own uncertainties...

That day
not long ago
when you left me
you took a small bit of my soul...

What is Required of You

At a time such as this many people search for relieve. A relieve from constant bad news, death, misery and the threats of things seen and unseen. There is no end to the quest for relieve. However, finding such relieve seems to be more impossible as each day goes by. No matter what you do or how good you think you are trouble finds you. Now, this trouble comes in many forms and you get overwhelmed and run scared.

In your flight maybe all reason escapes and you start making bad choices, you start doubting yourself, God and every single person you know.

And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

As you seek to outrun your thoughts, fears and bad choices you become lame and get slower and slower, until your feet give out and one day you and your burdens fall to the ground.

What to do then?

Stop running. Let us stop running. We can never out run the problems around us and the problems we have.

We need to stop and realize that everyone has problems, we all have burdens we carry, the only thing is that some may seem lighter than others. Is it possible to support each other, bear each other up? If there is a need we are more than capable of bearing each other up. If we can mange it, why have we abandoned the cause to simply be kind, spare a thought for someone else’s suffering and not just our own. Even if we get annoyed with others, we can’t take out our frustrations on them. We have to resist the urge to lash out, judge and condemn. We have to dig deep even while we carry our individual burdens to be fair to those around us.

Can it be done, knowing how we can be? It can be done, but it takes a constant struggle of doing what is required of us and not what we feel like doing just because.

The Cost of Loss

The Cost of Loss

The cost of loss 
each time
is a little pound of flesh
messy yes
but cannot be helped
because it is a price paid forward.
Each tear you shed
a shred of glass
that makes a trench 
for the blood you sweat.
With each small departure
a little more of you goes.
They say it be better to have loved and lost
but what price must you pay.
If that love should go
you are bound to lose your way.
And if you face constant loss 
what is the better then?
pretty words are easy to write
until you are challenged by them.
Should I build myself an island
and build a fortress for my heart?
Should I abandon all hope
to catch the love dart?
If I fortify myself good enough
can I save myself from harm
from loss?
When I think of how it eats at me
how each one grieves me
I cannot catch a breath.
Yet there I go 
letting down my defenses
So loss can breach my walls.



Whether 6 or 88
There is no time or date
when you will not be missed.

"she lived a full life, why sad?"
Yes, she did.
But does it mean she will not be missed?
Does it mean 
I still cannot hear her laugh
remember her jokes
keep her in my heart?
Does it mean that a sudden memory
does not attack
knocking me down
making my steps unsteady?
She who remain larger than life
her beauty and grace
sets the pace I must walk.
That her words do not light my path
her voice a symphony of youth eternal
immortalized by the memory of her
handed down through time immemorial.
"She lived a full life"
But now she is gone
She will rise no more in this earthly dawn.
She will no longer play her parts
No stops and starts
with passion and fire.
Now she is gone and will be missed.
can I kiss her papery lips?
She is gone.
Allow me to mourn her loss - 
in my way - 
because she will be missed...