Whether 6 or 88
There is no time or date
when you will not be missed.

"she lived a full life, why sad?"
Yes, she did.
But does it mean she will not be missed?
Does it mean 
I still cannot hear her laugh
remember her jokes
keep her in my heart?
Does it mean that a sudden memory
does not attack
knocking me down
making my steps unsteady?
She who remain larger than life
her beauty and grace
sets the pace I must walk.
That her words do not light my path
her voice a symphony of youth eternal
immortalized by the memory of her
handed down through time immemorial.
"She lived a full life"
But now she is gone
She will rise no more in this earthly dawn.
She will no longer play her parts
No stops and starts
with passion and fire.
Now she is gone and will be missed.
can I kiss her papery lips?
She is gone.
Allow me to mourn her loss - 
in my way - 
because she will be missed... 

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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