Stuff's just stuff
nothing much
can be realised
with stuff.
More money, cars and so much stuff
just not enough
to keep you satisfied.
Stuff gets damaged
stuff gets destroyed
stuff doesn't matter
when they become your toys.
Stuff is a choice of whether you have enough
Stuff are just stuff
in the end,
they do not matter.

Sh*t Don’t Go Away…

“Yes! I had finally gotten rid of it. It would no longer rule my life. Maybe I can take a break from being so vigilant and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

I made the mistake to think I could use a bandaid to cover a gash. I had done what I set out to do really I had fixed the problem, permanently.

But that was not the case, because some problems are bigger than we are and we have to seek help. But I, I had solved my own problems and now things would be smooth from this point forward. So without knowing that my nemesis was lurking, I started to pat myself on the shoulder, maybe I got a little cocky and started doing something that got me in trouble in the first place. But never mind, those things can be handled or at least I know I can handle those things.

So naturally, I went ahead and did whatever I felt like doing, even if it wasn’t right for me. After all, I knew when to pull back and get myself in line. But, I did not. Better yet I could not pull, not after I started and certainly not when I wanted to stop. But I was still sure I would never get back from where I was coming from.

However, I underestimated its tenacity and willingness to wait, a trait I have yet to fully master. So it waited for its chance while acting like a fool, doing everything but being vigilant. As I became confused by my desire and neglect it slowly crept back to the top. It crept back on top of me, overwhelmed me and locked me under its spell of pain and dread. Now, I am playing catch up and I can’t allow it to get too ahead of me, all is not lost yet. I have to take some drastic steps to crawl out of the dark hole it flung me in, dust off myself, build up my strength and attack it this time at its roots. I have no other choice left…

What is Required of You

At a time such as this many people search for relieve. A relieve from constant bad news, death, misery and the threats of things seen and unseen. There is no end to the quest for relieve. However, finding such relieve seems to be more impossible as each day goes by. No matter what you do or how good you think you are trouble finds you. Now, this trouble comes in many forms and you get overwhelmed and run scared.

In your flight maybe all reason escapes and you start making bad choices, you start doubting yourself, God and every single person you know.

And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

As you seek to outrun your thoughts, fears and bad choices you become lame and get slower and slower, until your feet give out and one day you and your burdens fall to the ground.

What to do then?

Stop running. Let us stop running. We can never out run the problems around us and the problems we have.

We need to stop and realize that everyone has problems, we all have burdens we carry, the only thing is that some may seem lighter than others. Is it possible to support each other, bear each other up? If there is a need we are more than capable of bearing each other up. If we can mange it, why have we abandoned the cause to simply be kind, spare a thought for someone else’s suffering and not just our own. Even if we get annoyed with others, we can’t take out our frustrations on them. We have to resist the urge to lash out, judge and condemn. We have to dig deep even while we carry our individual burdens to be fair to those around us.

Can it be done, knowing how we can be? It can be done, but it takes a constant struggle of doing what is required of us and not what we feel like doing just because.