Stuff's just stuff
nothing much
can be realised
with stuff.
More money, cars and so much stuff
just not enough
to keep you satisfied.
Stuff gets damaged
stuff gets destroyed
stuff doesn't matter
when they become your toys.
Stuff is a choice of whether you have enough
Stuff are just stuff
in the end,
they do not matter.



I know nothing..
this is what I should know.
If I tell you I have found the secret
remind me of this - 

There is nothing that I know unless He tells me,
He tells no lie and tells no secret...

So I know that I know 

I have searched among the thorns and the rivers
of my own blood shed intermittently...

It is beyond my small world.
A world that has become a battleground for the knowledge I do not need.
And so
I only know that i know not...

I know fear and pain - 
treasures in this world.
but I do not know - 
truly know
much beyond this.

But I know there is more...
I feel it.
I can see the tip of my nose
But I know there is more to see.

I am knowing...
I do not know