I know nothing..
this is what I should know.
If I tell you I have found the secret
remind me of this - 

There is nothing that I know unless He tells me,
He tells no lie and tells no secret...

So I know that I know 

I have searched among the thorns and the rivers
of my own blood shed intermittently...

It is beyond my small world.
A world that has become a battleground for the knowledge I do not need.
And so
I only know that i know not...

I know fear and pain - 
treasures in this world.
but I do not know - 
truly know
much beyond this.

But I know there is more...
I feel it.
I can see the tip of my nose
But I know there is more to see.

I am knowing...
I do not know

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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