Stop Searching…

It seems there is always another mountain to conquer for so many people. When you are young you have to chase that dream, that elusive success or thing that will get you in. Some people spend their whole life chasing after things that they never should have chased in the first place. “They just maybe a better way, a better job, a better person, waiting for me somewhere” or so too many tell themselves. They never stop and appreciate all that they already have. Instead they continue to chase those things until they get to the cliff’s edge and in their desperation leap and fall.

From such a fall there is no redemption, no way to rewind and do things over. Instead they must accept their fate and either fight the inevitable or give in. So, before we get to the edge we need to step back, stop and think. “Have been chasing pavements all this time? This is what we need to know, what we need to decide. There are many no longer here with us who never had the chance to have this moment. Now they are gone. But we are still here and in a quiet moment of all the world’s noise, we need to decide to stop searching for things. To stop searching for wealth, health and happiness. To know that we an create happiness right where we are, right now. Stop chasing after the perfect time, because each time we reach for it it steps a little past our finger tips – and we only grab air…

Oh what we find,
 when we stop searching.
 Oh what we find, 
when we stop forcing.
 Oh what we receive, 
when we stop fearing. 
Oh what we become,
 when we just love. 
                      Creig Crippen



The bud that threatens to bloom is no more
From the efforts of foes have come its foeticide
no more.
"Abort!" they say
save your life.
Do not go down with the ship!

In terror it cries at the fear
of not seeing the light
of not inhaling the toxic fumes
that slowly kills and maims.

The fault is too wide 
to cross or hide
the unpardonable sin.
So we heap sin on sin to over us in
so no one can see we sinned. 

A foolish thought
born of a desperate heart
to right a wrong 
by doing more wrong.

I turned to Time
to ask Him to be kind
But a piece of my soul
He said was, "mine".

I must decide whether to walk the blank
or swim in my own filth.
to take a leap
accept defeat
and abort abort abort!