Shame of Pride

Shame of Pride

I hang my head in shame
a shame milady.
Beaten by the truth.
The deadlest of all sins.
Hubris leads me to my nemesis.

No it's not a good thing
I now fear looking within
my very soul is in the balance
waiting at the gallows.
I must pull it back
and cage this monster that sits atop my head.
Who is greater than God?
No man!
Today I will learn
that i am not.
To think otherwise
will set you down low.

Instead I must cling to my shipwrecked raft
 praying to be saved.
I must be saved from drowining.
I have not choice
with Pride I carry the shame of Icarus.

Peenie Wallie

Peeny Wally

I spread my bioluminescence self
you cannot contain me.

You see me before you can scent me
your reward is my presence.

I dim for no one
I am second to none.

Against your will
you are drawn to me

I light your way to see
your own destiny.

Small axe cut down big tree
that's me

On my wings you will be free.