Turn fear into faith

Turn fear into faith and do not look back
No need to collect the broken pieces 
into sackcloth.
Turn your broken dreams
 into beautiful mosaics
By the help of the Almighty. 
Look for the truth in the humble places.
Test your strength against the chains they would use to bind you.
Chains that would deny you the freedom to be you.
Chains that would be keep you enslaved 
to their agenda.
Take hold of the yourself.
Do not be fooled by mass hysteria.
Take control of yourself so you can be restored.

Whisper a prayer,

Wait for what is to come
claim your right to receive it
and deny fear.
Go and know that your needs are already met
ready to be collected.
You offer little and get much.
That is the nature of mercy
the measure of Grace.
Hold fast to the promise,
it is the rope that will guide.

Hold fast to One Truth,
the truth that will sustain you.

Phillipians 4:19:
My God
Will meet all your needs
According to the riches of His Glory...

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