Those Whom I love…

19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent. 20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. Revelation 3: 19-20

Today I am feeling a little reflective, because there are many more things that I am yet to learn. There are many things that happen that can teach us so much more than we think we know. When I was younger and read the book of Revelation, I thought it really likely for me to get the fire and the brimstone (I was a difficult child, always being beaten it seems for doing the wrong things). I have always found reading the book of Revelation a bit depressing. However, I now find comfort in Revelation 3: 19-20. Even in the disappointments and difficulties we face, God still loves us; even when we do not love The Almighty the way we should. When we need help, there is no need to call one any source except our Creator as He says, “Here I am at the door knocking!” All we need to do is to invite Him in and let Him do the rest. The truth of God’s goodness is only in the spiritual and divine and not in the physical world, which requires us to make ample space in our lives to receive the truth of God.

The book of Revelation is not just about retribution but is the evidence of the hope that we have in Christ. It is a reflection of God’s love, a love that prompts the Holy Spirit to challenge us to see beyond the worldly trappings to our real purpose here on earth.

Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life. Both good and bad experiences shape your mind and heart for what is to come. Leon Brown

Maybe if we stopped thinking in negative terms, then the things we see as bad or hard would not consume our lives and become true. If we take the time to process each experience, then maybe they could be teachable moments that ensure growth and not stagnation. Every experience matters, no matter how hard it was to live through, they happen because they are suppose to but they do not have to happen again and again, so we can call it deja-vu. A lesson never disappears unless you have learned it. Consider that the next time you question, “why me”. Learning lessons mean accepting them when they happen and it may mean forgiving yourself for not being smart enough in the first place to know or do better.

You cannot travel back in time to fix your mistakes, but you can learn from them and forgive yourself for not knowing better. Leon Brown

For me, Revelation is not about the judgement as much as it is about the mercy, about finding the truth and living by it. Finding the truth never happens unless you learn some difficult lessons.It is never enough to accept what was as what is and it is never justified to stay within the confines of the box. God does not require perfection but a heart that is willing to learn the lessons that matter most, based on His divine will.

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