Shut It Out!

Sometimes you have to turn everything off and just breathe. We are being bombarded with news that has us on edge every single day. Non Stop messaging that seems to be driving us crazy. Either that or stark raving mad and ready to do battle. There are times when many of us feel as if we are truly going crazy, our heads spinning with all that is taking place around us and to us.

We have become social media junkies. surfing all the social media platforms that seem to give us 10 million answers to one question and all of them different, falling short of the mark of enlightenment. It never seems to end! By the end of each week we are left feeling frazzled and ironically exhausted. surfing and sparing with all this information can be tiring.

Then there is this “new normal” that everyone keeps harping about which makes you feel like you are living in the twilight zone. What is remotely normal about this 2020, new normal must be a joke. Nothing is the same and nothing will be the same. Many are looking forward to 2021, but keep in mind that we were all excited and eager for 2020, and look how that turned out.

The fact is we are at a place where last year this time we would have never imagined we would be at. So what do we do now? There are many ways that we have been made to develop a healthy dose of fear and sense of powerlessness – unprecedented. Well, we have nowhere to run, quarantine restrictions seems to be taking care of that and made escape that much harder. Then how do we tackle the walls that are closing in?

We simply have to shut it all out. We have to go off radar by getting off social media and spending a little more time preparing something to eat instead of trying for the uptenth time to join that zoom meeting. Stop forcing our mind and body to do what they are not willing to do at that moment and just sign off for a while.

Everything and then some that has come with this covid pandemic year will still be there when you sign back on. Just like the virus, those issues will be here for a while. And if it means totally signing off to keep your health and peace of mind then do that to0. In the year of improbabilities, it may just be the right time to shut it all out and go off radar.

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