Just Fun?

Just Fun?

We didn't realise 
we were making memories
we just knew
we were having fun... 

At least that is all we saw
we never knew things would end.
We been through the storms
rode the rainbow
we thought to have it all.

And we did for a time.
We were blinded 
by the star
that shone in the middle of the day.

All we knew then - 
we were gonna make it,
we were gonna do it all,
nothing would stop us.

So we went all out
grabbed some fairy dust 
this kept us on
able to dream a little long.

Now the dust has settled
become plain clay. 
We must face reality.
And at the last 
when our time is done -
didn't we have so much fun?

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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