You can run,
I know you can.
You can fly,
I know you can.
Out of fear
you may run
but you need to fly.

Use those wings 
see the joy it brings
even in your fear
They will take there, 
where you need to go.

When you are down
and you feel it's not your time
take flight and fly
up to the sky.

Fear No One

Fear No one

Do not be afraid of them
because you have the power
The power to dear down and destroy
To plant and to build.
I will give you unlimited power and you shall be called fearless.
When disaster strikes from the the North
stand firm.
When the heathens come knocking on your door
ready to penetrate
hold fast and hold firm.
Then when the think they have won
arise and dress and I will give you victory.
They may fight and cry like Hyenas
ready to tear your flesh
but they will not prevail,
only their blood curdling cries will keep them warm
as they are struck down


For I remembered them as lambs \
babes unspoiled.
Now from every pore 
thickened corruption festers and flows.
Damaged defeated and denied.
They look strong but beneath the surface
decay pulses with pus infected sores.
Hidden but not healed.
They shine with a beauty that sickens when seen
in the light.
They harvest but in vain
for the harvest is done
all that remain is the dust of a promise
not fulfilled.

Behold I have spoken
Let them do all the evil they can
But as for you - 
have no fear and fear no one.