Fear No One

Fear No one

Do not be afraid of them
because you have the power
The power to dear down and destroy
To plant and to build.
I will give you unlimited power and you shall be called fearless.
When disaster strikes from the the North
stand firm.
When the heathens come knocking on your door
ready to penetrate
hold fast and hold firm.
Then when the think they have won
arise and dress and I will give you victory.
They may fight and cry like Hyenas
ready to tear your flesh
but they will not prevail,
only their blood curdling cries will keep them warm
as they are struck down


For I remembered them as lambs \
babes unspoiled.
Now from every pore 
thickened corruption festers and flows.
Damaged defeated and denied.
They look strong but beneath the surface
decay pulses with pus infected sores.
Hidden but not healed.
They shine with a beauty that sickens when seen
in the light.
They harvest but in vain
for the harvest is done
all that remain is the dust of a promise
not fulfilled.

Behold I have spoken
Let them do all the evil they can
But as for you - 
have no fear and fear no one.


Being emotional is often associated with being weak mentally and impulsive in many instances. However, emotions are necessary in order to be intuned with reality. Or, at least that is what I belief.

Is it really as simple as changing your thoughts in order to change your feelings and emotion? There are some people who are identified as being highly emotional, which on sight implies that they act oftens based on how they feel and may not cope well with reality. However, as someone who would like to lump myself in the category of highly emotional people, I think we tend to see the truth way ahead of most and therefore are more in tuned with reality.

I can often tell when someone has a negative reaction to me even if they appear to be so kind and so nice to me and ten times out of ten I am proven right. It does help that they cannot keep up the charade for long and long before the big reveal, there a evident cracks in the nice guy facade. It seems that we can tell when someone is not as emotionally connected, lacks compassion and seems detached from everything happening around them.

It is true that people who are highly emotional do get tired and anxious in extremely tense situations, especially when the situation is allowed to continue indefinitely. However, we welcome and need change and when it does not happen we get anxious, we want to break down the barriers that refuse us from experiencing it.

The trick is to understand why we feel the way we feel in a certain situation and be patient with others and ourselves. We experience emotions whether we like it i not, whether we care to admit it or not, but we can take the time to find a means by which we can channel these emotions to our good. It really is important that we embrace and are honest about how we feel moment by moment. I have learned the hard way how dangerous and anti-productive it can be to ignore how you feel and in instances try to suppress them. I have felt the sharp teeth of regret because I have reacted in the wrong way at the wrong time because of years of suppressed emotion. While there are persons who may feel uncomfort at your display, it is better that they experience honest emotion instead of those tainted by time that had not healed all wounds.

I am slowly learning how to be honest about how and why I feel the way I do and I see that there is no better cure for a peace of mind than this.

Our Own Trojan Horse

I have come to realise that if we allow ourselves, it is easy to see yourself as a victim, to believe so much in your sense of rightness that we invite Trojan horses into our lives that destroy us.

I am sure you have heard the expression “sitting on your high horse”, but today I want to talk about being tricked by a Trojan horse of our own making. Of course the phrase, “sitting on your high horse”, refers to being conceited. The think is that sometimes we can get so blinded by our own sense of being in the right that we move from sitting on the horse, but create little Trojan horses built solely with pride that kills.

Sometimes we get tangled in our own cleverness that we become like the people of Troy, fooled into believing that we have taken for ourselves a meaningless victories that becomes our undoing.

So, as told in Virgil’s famous epic poem, Aeneid, the Greeks tried to enter the city of Troy for ten long years to no avail. Finally, they decided to try something bold, they built a large wooden horse large enough to hold some soldiers which the Trojans were unaware of and pretended to sail away in defeat. Now, after they left the people of Troy thought they had won the war and so dragged that wooden monstrosity of a peace offering meant for their gods into their city to celebrate. After all, they had outsmarted those pesky Greeks. Of course it was all a trick and in the end the Trojans were defeated in a surprise attack and the Greeks really won the war.

Whether or not we know it, many of us think too highly of our own quick brain and self-righteous indignations when we feel we have been misrepresented or disrespected by someone. This causes us to invite negative thoughts that can undermine relationships and stifle our growth. Allowing the Trojan horse in can mean that our defenses are weak and we can no longer see anything we do as wrong but everyone else becomes an enemy that must be defeated. It is easy, I have come to realise, to believe in your own sense of justice and fairplay, eventually everything becomes black and white. When this happens, it is almost impossible for us to see flaws in our strategies, argument and positions and invite a spirit of ill will into our interactions with people we feel have slighted us. We are unable or unwilling to see the danger of having this outlook and never quite understand why we seem stuck where we are.

If we build our own Trojan horse then we become easily deceived from within and we are blinded to our faults and our vision becomes filled my an image of ourselves and our place in the world that is of our own creation, having no basis in reality. The enemy is not outside the enemy is within. There are no Greeks trying to breach our defenses. What we need to be careful of is that we may forget that in the grand scheme of things we cannot get to the big picture without noting the finer details. We cannot be deceived into thinking that we have it right and everyone else is a mess. We all are messes from time to time. Therefore, it is more important to work on those weak areas that can easily be penetrated, than to prematurely celebrate a victory before we have began the real war. The real war in seeing ourselves as we truly are, flaws and all, bad decisions and misjudgement and all and not be deceived by the lies we tell ourselves and others.

Bait and Switch.

You only have time for people who deserve you and see your value.

Image result for bait and switch meme

Seeing the above somewhere made the proverb, all that glitters is not gold, even clearer. Distractions can be found everywhere and is both internal and external. We may think being lazy benefits us in the short term but it could be the difference between getting to that place you need to be or staying right where you are.

Bait and switch usually refers to a tactic that sees a projected desirable outcome as in reality, a scam.

So, in Life we may see the easy way out or the brightest light as the think to take us from point A to B. However, when we get closer the easy way out could lead to many dead ends and the bright light, just a spark quick to burn out.

So we do not read the fine print and don’t sweat the small stuff until they get to large that they threaten to overrun us.

It is important to know all you can before you make that move but also to see things for what they truly are and not what you would like them to be.

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.”

Jack Welch