et tu Brutus?
Was a wound ever so deep?
"Ista quidem vis est!"
But the damage was done.
Faster than the bullet from a gun
love, trust and camaraderie condemned
never to rise again.
On the tree of misguided self-righteousness
a single groan signaled the end
no more words uttered.

Let us mourn what was
that is no more.
What could have been
now stunted within the sin
of betrayal.
Now I must shed this skin
of innocence spun in deceit.
Now to get the salt and pepper
not to kill you -
but to find something new
something that is true...

The Supporting Character

The Supporting Character

you do it all 
without thanks.
When they see you
they stare
at an enigma,
because you are true to you.
You never do things "right"
You are never a failure 
despite having failed
many times.
they can't see your star
and so they set you aside
looking for a light
that carries fool's gold.

You are the supporting character.

A bad romcom disaster.

Many may see a walking wreck
but we all been cast with respect to being that.

What they don't see 
is each day when you do something.
They don't need to know
how kind you are,
how much you sacrificed.
They don't need to see 
all you have done
with the little that you have.

No one needs to give you a golden statue
to show that you were here.
Just being is enough
because you are already satisfied
with the role you have been given.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

I am calling.
Do you hear me?
Can you see me?
Do you know me?
Look, I sat here
mute, immobile,
kneeling under your weight.
Did that endear me to you?
Look, I let you step all over me
let you crush my spirit 
to dust.
Still you don't see me?

Do you hear me?
I keep calling out to you.
Should I sit here in my dispair?

Please someone, 
make my way clear!

Last Lick

Last Lick

you hit me 
I hit you
I hit you
you hit me.
you go low
I go low too.
Think you are sly
not gonna lie
I was fooled for a while
but now
now I know what to do
I will split you in two!
you hit me
and I hit you
I hit you
and you hit me.

But question:

when is the last lick and 
can we stop this show?

Fill Me Up

Fill Me Up

I stop at the well
too week to lift my basket
i rest against it.
Just a drop
of hope renewed
to wake me from deep sleep.
I have gone grey 
before my time
near dust.
Here I know
no prince charming to wake me up.
I need no dare-devil
to shake me awake.
What I need is to be filled!
Filled with love, laughter and life.
I need you to pour into me
all the good around you that you see
touch, taste and feel.
Fill me up
so I will thirst no more.

What’s the Silver Lining?

If you do something or try to do something and continually fail, what’s the silver lining? If you do not have a great before and after photo of your life to show the world, why show it? If you do not have a rags to riches story to tell, why tell it?

Well I believe you tell, show and share reality. We have become too comfortable with being fed a feed or a thirty second glimpse into someone’s reality. In many ways because we all love a happy ending, we are good with ignoring the real story and being present in the reality of our situation. However, we need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, with making mistakes, to losing and gaining and gaining and losing. A journey is never smooth, there are bumps along the way, potholes and rest stops that we have to make. As humans we sometimes have to do a complete 180 or even a full 360 before we can see any real improvements. But, it is a part of maturing growing and evolving. There are too many of us who look at the social media life and think that that is all and what we need to aim for – how disappointed we all have been if we think this. We do not want to know the stories, the behind the scenes reels, just the packaged snapshots we are fed.

No one questions too much or considers the reason why, how where or when. We never admit that we fail even when we tell ourselves we will not do so again. We instead tell ourselves that tomorrow will be better but we do not look at our vulnerabilities and accept that they are there. So, Where is the silver lining that everyone looks for when they stop to be inspired and hear that we are still failing? Well, the beauty is that those silver linings are forming under those deep dark clouds.