Last Lick

Last Lick

you hit me 
I hit you
I hit you
you hit me.
you go low
I go low too.
Think you are sly
not gonna lie
I was fooled for a while
but now
now I know what to do
I will split you in two!
you hit me
and I hit you
I hit you
and you hit me.

But question:

when is the last lick and 
can we stop this show?

Stop Being Toxic!

Stop being toxic to yourself. I know it is easy to blame others for the way you are and the way your life turned out so far but doesn’t mean that it is right and true. What would be good is if many of us stopped paying so much attention to what someone else is doing. If we stopped getting our courage from what someone else does and start finding our own way.

I use to be in a panic when I realised that other persons were action, while I was sitting in the dark and now had to figure things out for myself, by myself. However, if we stopped looking, we wouldn’t trip ourselves up on someone else’s mess. It is quite necessary to stop and ask ourselves some important questions before we take action; questions such as:

  • who do I hope to impress here?
  • where will this take me?
  • am I acting out of desperation?
  • is this really based on my particular skill set?
  • have I been influenced by what others have said or done?
  • am I competing with real or imagined adversaries?
  • can I commit to seeing this out til the end?

If you really want to work on always being anxious and fearful, stop living your life based on the shortcomings you had ten years ago. I have tried the personality trait test about three times and I realise that nobody is destined to stay the same all their lives, unless they want to. No one is a fixed entity incapable of change, it is just that some do not want to change even when it is for their own good.

There is never anything good about copying and pasting someone’s life over your own and so those who do, need to stop trying to do so. There are many toxic persons out there and many are toxic to themselves. They don’t need anyone to talk them out of a good idea because they are faster, sharper and more deadly than their critics. Before an idea is formed they quickly shoot it down and when the opportunity passes they drag themselves from pillow to post until they are a nervous wreck.

So do yourself a favour and stop being toxic to yourself. Take the time to slow down before you take that next step and do not move, if not moved by the Spirit. Be kind with yourself and practise a little selfcare.