The Supporting Character

The Supporting Character

you do it all 
without thanks.
When they see you
they stare
at an enigma,
because you are true to you.
You never do things "right"
You are never a failure 
despite having failed
many times.
they can't see your star
and so they set you aside
looking for a light
that carries fool's gold.

You are the supporting character.

A bad romcom disaster.

Many may see a walking wreck
but we all been cast with respect to being that.

What they don't see 
is each day when you do something.
They don't need to know
how kind you are,
how much you sacrificed.
They don't need to see 
all you have done
with the little that you have.

No one needs to give you a golden statue
to show that you were here.
Just being is enough
because you are already satisfied
with the role you have been given.

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me 
for making you chase waterfalls
the wift of what could have been
the dust of my essences
as I float a drift
lost to you and you to me.

Forgive me
as I swerve 
any which way
I have no say
I must bend to the wind.

Forgive me
for being sick
of the ugliness of life
for earth's sweet relief I will pray.

Forgive me
for the dim smile
I promise to come back
from my woeful lacking.

Forgive me
I will soon be 
like the sea free to flow freely.

Taking Time Away.

Step away from the screen or whatever you feel you must do or where you feel you need to be. Step away from things, places and people that mean you ill. Just stop get up and step away. This is necessary if you have become obsessed lately with being dialed in. When you are plugged into everything happening around you, you may become weighed down with all the disruptive things that can attach itself to your mind. This is turn will affect your health as you become so focused on crowding your mind with things that tear a little away, each day at your spirit.

Instead find a space where you feel safe. You must do this to protect your overall well being. Now, when you are away you may be tempted to check who called, check messages or the latest news. Do not give in to the urge. Stay where you are until you have recovered. Think about how you will work on not needing to escape another time. Think about all that you currently do -things within your control – and reevaluate the value they add to the quality of your life.

Now think about the people around you. Think of only one thing. Do they add to the enhanced quality of your life? If they do not ease a little away from them and do not make their company a habit. Instead think about all those who bring joy, hope and inspiration into your life and make sure to be more in their presence.

But above all, always take time to step back and be away from anything that will steal your joy.