What’s the Silver Lining?

If you do something or try to do something and continually fail, what’s the silver lining? If you do not have a great before and after photo of your life to show the world, why show it? If you do not have a rags to riches story to tell, why tell it?

Well I believe you tell, show and share reality. We have become too comfortable with being fed a feed or a thirty second glimpse into someone’s reality. In many ways because we all love a happy ending, we are good with ignoring the real story and being present in the reality of our situation. However, we need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, with making mistakes, to losing and gaining and gaining and losing. A journey is never smooth, there are bumps along the way, potholes and rest stops that we have to make. As humans we sometimes have to do a complete 180 or even a full 360 before we can see any real improvements. But, it is a part of maturing growing and evolving. There are too many of us who look at the social media life and think that that is all and what we need to aim for – how disappointed we all have been if we think this. We do not want to know the stories, the behind the scenes reels, just the packaged snapshots we are fed.

No one questions too much or considers the reason why, how where or when. We never admit that we fail even when we tell ourselves we will not do so again. We instead tell ourselves that tomorrow will be better but we do not look at our vulnerabilities and accept that they are there. So, Where is the silver lining that everyone looks for when they stop to be inspired and hear that we are still failing? Well, the beauty is that those silver linings are forming under those deep dark clouds.