ALways You

Always You

You were always you
even when you wore other faces
not of you.
Even when you were confused
even when you were used
and abused
you were always you.
Even if you never knew
from time to time
especially because you were bruised
blacked and blued
until you lacked insight
But you
You were always within God's sight
and if you just hold on
He will gaurd the you He made
with all His might

I Found God Today

I Found God Today

I found God today
and guess what?
He had never gone away.
I had just lost my way.
Distracted by deception
feted by the thief of joy
false promises its only decoy.
But today I stopped
and heard God say - 
"keep going
I am right here.
Keep striving
for by your tears and my grace
you must win this race".



Nothing plus God
equals everything.
A difficult equation
to understand
for many of us
for His ways are not ours.

But take for a minute 
all those who started that way -
from David the Shepherd boy
dirty and unattractive
too puny
to grow into himself,
a mighty warrior King.
What about Moses?
was living in hell
because he doubted himself
yet God held him up
with a staff that could tell
of how great God is.
To Joseph the dreamer
who dreamed up great dreams
until they were real.

They all had their day
and are still remembered till today.

Let's go deeper still -
this world that we live in
was created from dust
brought into something.
From many a failures
God took us from our jaliors
and gave us a saviour.

They and we
grew into greatness.
God had to take them and us from nothing
Be in the equation-
and trust me with faith
the same destiny awaits us.

No Excuses

No Excuses

Are you at the edge
trying to get into the healing pool?
You have tried to tip over
But there remained unmoved.
Have angels stired the waters for you
to make then holy?
But still felt trapped by your circumstance?
I am sure you have wondered 
why you must linger
and suffer while everyone else jumps in
before you.

Did you try rolling over?
Try getting closer
one inch at a time each day?
Or are you stuck with your excuses
that block your blessings
stops you from making it in?
Has time been robbed from you
because you hesitate?

Do not fear
take up your bed and be of good cheer.
You will be restored and realigned.
You will get back your time.

That Lesson is the true Blessing

Often times when “bad” things happen to us we question why. We feel and act like victims and may even curse the day we were born. It is not easy to navigate this life when your intentions do not bear the kind of fruits you had in mind. Too often people, like me and you, become disillusioned with the twist and turns that punctuate our lives. DIsturbances as we see them, that happen maybe when we least expect them or produce our greatest fears. There is a tendency to be angry in these situations, to feel trapped and oppressed.

So, it is hard to think that there is anything good to see in these situations much less to see them as a blessing. I have learned that hard times produce the opportunity for us to not only mature but to flourish. When we get too comfortable where we are, we may feel reluctant to “rock the boat”, and accept where we are, who we are and how we have come to be perceived as our lot in life. But here comes those lessons that say, “no this is not your final destination, you have to be stretched a little more, melted down to the liquid fire and beaten into a new shape”. We are there resistant, resentful and hopeless, waiting for it to end. By it I mean this season of hard lessons, the experience of the hard-knock life. However, it can be that our greatest strength can come from these surely hard lessons. We are forced to work from our survival and with it and toughness develops, when we choose to stick around, that can take us through another hard knock. With each of those knocks out toughness becomes more improved until we can better appreciate the hits and even welcome them because they really allow us to live life fearlessly, or with a little less fear even.

For all the things we can gain, awards and wealth, it is those difficult times, sometimes the hardest in our lives that are the real treasures on earth. It is never easy to reconcile the painful experiences that we have blessings as we have become too focused on blessings that lead to matchless prosperity. How about we shout amens for those lessons, hard lessons that lead to our blessings, true blessings not limited by a limited and our very human understanding.