I love to write and love to speak. But words are hard for me. To communicate and not cause some kind of offence seems impossible, in this world that we live in. They look so simple on a page, so harmless and even inconsequential. But once uttered and given life, they can grow bigger and bolder that any magical beanstalk. Yet, you are expected to say words, in order to be understood, but then using words causes more confusion and misunderstanding than you could have imagined. Say a word like sorry, for example, in and of itself is sincere, but others may see it as a jeer and swear you meant offence when none was intended.

Words make you vulnerable because others attach so much meaning to an offhanded comment. Never say next time to someone who is desperate. For when you say next time, the next fifteen seconds could be that time. and you are not ready.

Words cause too much emotion to get loose and then your goose is cooked! Who said “passion is energy”, never knew how words filled with passion can sap you of yours. To tell the truth, may cause offence and so we lie to cover it up and then we all lose. Forgive me Father for my words, but then you say it again! You sit there being quite good and content, then someone comes to stir you with words: So and so is no good… and bam! we are on the gossip train. Words can lift you up and tear someone else down. You have to be very careful of your words, in this world we are living in.

Words can be your saviour to repel the demons in your life but words can also entangle you and keep you in a prison. So, be careful of your words because they can bring life to the dying.

Friend Or Foe?

Friend Or Foe?

Taught in school
the golden rule can make fools
slaves to foolish truths
guided in chains from medusa's head
we are told
let yourselves be led
so someday you can lead the brain-
whose souls have been sucked
in to vault of progress.
But we were never told
that someday too
we would find a tomb
just for us
like those we once led.
Friend or foe 
who goes there
we will never know
because we only see what we were told
and are blinded by the truth.
Shall we call for the Light
even at this late night,
one more time,
and pray for us
it will come through?