Long Walk to Nowhere

Long Walk to Nowhere

You are free
but your mind,
you mind
cannot see
the destiny
waiting for you to achieve.
You walk unbound
But the mind
is bogged down
to the ground
by a stubborn will
to see your smallness.
So you walk around
and around
make a journey to nowhere
so you can find your success
although it was always there
hiding under the rumpled doubts
inside you mind.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every blooming thing is a treasure
and all must grow and thrive
nothing must be left below
they must sway and dance day and night.

Every blooming thing has beauty
natural and not contrived
spreading wide enough to gather
all the bouncing shining lights.

Every blooming thing must produce
their talents must be used
to give love and life
and so be profuse.

Every blooming thing must live
so all their talents they can give
to those weary beaten broken souls 
who need their fragrance to forgive!

The Next Season

The Next Season

Leave all regrets in this season
and be free for the next season.
Regreats cling like cancer
and eat all that is good and pure.
Burn it out,
and let peace sprout
and consume your life.

For this season will pass,
the drought, my friend, never lasts.
And when it does
and the rain comes
make sure to remove the weeds
and replace with fruitful seeds
that will grow and exceed
the abundance you saw 
in your dreams.

This season will build the bridge
for the next season.
What kind of bridge will it be?

This Season

This Season

Remember this promise...

Month of purpose
month that rings true.

So easy to rebel
so easy to forget
that life is worth
fighting til the end.

Seasons of forgetfulness
a mirage melted
when awake
to the light that pushes away
the dark that game to stay,
to break you down
a little more everyday.

who are no ordinary mortal
stand in the truth
of who you are.

Detach and attatch
rewire your thinking
rise from the water
that promised you doom
and claim your true destiny.

Sun Stroke

Sun Stroke

Welling up -
ready to overflow...
The first gentle stokes
leaves me quiverying
deep,deep inside.

Then a gentle breeze caresses it
cools me down
and sets me off my feet.
I revel 
in the embrace
of each golden ring
chosen to give
and not receive
by whose touch I can live.

A flamming torch lit to the heavens
what a lasting impression.
Never to be extinguished again.
As my eyes close from the pleasure 
and pain,
of the vermilion hue,
it reconstructs my view
that allows me now to pursue
the Joy from that first stroke.

Keeping Them at Bay

Keeping Them at Bay

I see their ghostly figures whirling at the gate
cunningly they await,
on their hook is the bait
of wallowing in deep despair. 

They taunt me continously
and I am drawn to them unwillingly
They shroud themselves in the imtimacy
of knowing my deepest
so they offer their blunt honesty
of doom.

But I must not let them in,
I must fortify the gate,
with love and hope and peace
I must withstand this siege
Their lies I must not believe.
I pull on all I have within
so that I can win this time.

It must be in God's great design

Remove that Dark Cloud

Change your position and remove that dark cloud hanging over you.

This is the message I got today and I want to share it. We are all guilty for, at one time or another, chasing something that is not for us and running from what is. Have you noticed how much trouble this brings? Well it does, we deceive ourselves by thinking the way we are going is the only way and we run away from the centre of who we are. We choose to ignore where we should go and do because, we don’t like it. We see everyone else moving in a wave and it looks cool and we want to be a part of it, but we are better off going the opposite way.

We entre relationships, hold on to them when they bring us more harm than good. Then, we wonder why nothing ever works out, why people leave and why we just seem to always in the wrong crowd. We pick at the tree that is not fruitful, a tree that is not flourishing and expect to be nourished. But the roots of that tree is rotting and because we are blind we cannot see, because we have lost our sense of smell we can smell the stench that warns of the dangers and damage that this rotting tree will bring.

When things are falling a part do we really need to go down with the ship? Of course not! We need to stop going, stop thinking that if we just carry on things will get better, that things will change. But we need to be humble enough to know when to let go, to admit that the decisions we made were mistake, to say sorry and get back on the path we should have stayed on, doing what we were meant to be doing. We need to wake up in those times and do something, not read self help books and internalize what we read, we need to always be willing to do the work that will remove the dark cloud over our heads.

We all are different, but we all can relate to having those clouds over us. We need to take the time to remove them to truly talk through them, so we can experience the brilliant light hiding behind them.