Repairer of the Breach

Repairer of the Breach

Will you take this on?
Will you fight?
Will you do what os right - 
even while they tear at your flesh?
Will you answer the abeng of your heart
the haunting sounds of the drums
as they speak to you of what's to come?
Even when they tell you of dangers
lurking in familiar places.
Will you breach the electric fence
and break the dam
so water can flood the land
Will you take that stand?
Or will you sit
drowning in your own spit
as you reach for rotting morsels of flesh?

Will you embrace your destiny?

Will you be the repairer of the breach?

Pure Faith

Pure Faith

I stand on a mountain
covered compeltely.
Unable to see
I stand still
for God's degree.
I don't know what is ahead
but I know what I left behind:
a tratious mob
shouting for my decline,
masked transient beings
who seem true and real
until you check your progress
and realise
they were always a part of your ordeals.
So here I have come
to see what I will become
when I step off the edge,
 die to fear
and live in pure faith.

Where is Your Armor?

Where is Your Armor?

You are a valiant soldier.
You were chosen
to complete this mission
and you will
with God's great vision.
What you need now-
is your Armor.
You need the belt of truth,
to brace against stealthy lies.
You need the breatplate of righteousness,
to live honorably
and ward off sins.
You need the gospel of peace,
to speak truth against those who deceive.
You need the shield of faith,
against pesky doubts that try to inflame
fear, hate and anxiety.
You need the helmet of salvation,
to protect your mind
so on your soul sin will not dine.
You need the sword of the spirit,
God's words that slices through
even the thickest fog of gloom and doom.
Now you are equipped
with all you need.
With a triumphant heart
you can now proceed.

You Decide

You Decide

You decide where the tide flows
what goes
and what's really for show.
You decide that you are not here
to scratch and scrape
just to be someone's slave
except God's.
You decide 
faith or fear
one must be killed
with the spear of defiance
and a lot of reliance 
on the One who is the I Am.
You decide
your voice
and the choice to do what's right
not what is good.
You decide 
life is worth death
to the theft of your joy
and the you they can never conceive.