Where is Your Armor?

Where is Your Armor?

You are a valiant soldier.
You were chosen
to complete this mission
and you will
with God's great vision.
What you need now-
is your Armor.
You need the belt of truth,
to brace against stealthy lies.
You need the breatplate of righteousness,
to live honorably
and ward off sins.
You need the gospel of peace,
to speak truth against those who deceive.
You need the shield of faith,
against pesky doubts that try to inflame
fear, hate and anxiety.
You need the helmet of salvation,
to protect your mind
so on your soul sin will not dine.
You need the sword of the spirit,
God's words that slices through
even the thickest fog of gloom and doom.
Now you are equipped
with all you need.
With a triumphant heart
you can now proceed.